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Posted on 01/02/2016 Tips & Recommendations

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Microcentro Neighborhood (Downtown)

 While in most cities the downtown area is usually the epitome of nightlife, that’s not the case in regards to Buenos Aires nightlife. Downtown in the big, bad BA is mostly known for its theaters and for being the financial district. Oh, and cambio-cambio-cambio. So hats off to Palermo for snatching the Buenos Aires nightlife title from Microcentro.

But hold your horses, because this doesn’t mean that El Centro doesn’t have its gems. Palermo may be the hot spot of the city, but the center is not to be overlooked. Buenos Aires nightlife in Microcentro usually comes at a better price than in Palermo, and doesn’t lack any life. Get your notebook out…here’s 3 spots you can’t miss in the city center!

Buenos Aires Nightlife Microcentro

This florist, wine shop and gastropub with excellent cocktails is inspired by Buenos Aires’s rustic port bars of the 1900s. Walk into an innocent flower shop only to be admitted into the giant refrigerator (a creative door that leads to a hidden staircase). Tato Giovanni (celebrity bartender) is the co-owner of this magical place where you can walk in and smell the perfume of their lovely flowers.  A romantic, trendy and curious place that incorporates its plants into many of its cocktails makes it one of our favorite top spots. But make a reservation on weekends or you’ll be waiting for quite some time!


Buenos Aires Nightlife Microcentro

LA CIGALE – 25 de Mayo 597
Join those happily departing their offices Friday evening and migrating towards their after office at this French-themed bar. Or go during the week and party with the younger, international crowd looking for mischief. This bar has an extensive happy hour every day from 6:00 to 10:00 pm offers a 2×1 on selected cocktails, so get there early for the best deals!


Buenos Aires Nightlife: Microcentro

Club SeverinoLavalle 345
As one of the top spots for dancing on a Monday night (if not the top spot), this will be a perfect afterparty coming from La Bomba del Tiempo’s show. Get in free before midnight via their Facebook page if you put your name on the list. Severino has both foreigners and locals, all jamming to a mix of old school hits that’ll take you back (Who Let The Dogs Out, anyone?), as well as the newest of the new. Don’t leave until 6am so you can watch the sun rise over downtown.

For more info on Buenos Aires nightlife, check this out. Or, to experience Buenos Aires yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a Say Hueque agent today!

Written by Abby LeCleir

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