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Posted on 01/06/2016 Tips & Recommendations

Buenos Aires Nightlife: It’s Clubbing Time

In Buenos Aires, there’s so many different styles of clubs. Electronic music, reggae, hip-hop & cachengue (reggaeton & Latin American music) are only some of the most popular. You can find Buenos Aires nightlife scattered all across the city, so no matter what neighborhood you’re in, there should be at least a few places to dance nearby.

There’s something really important to know about the Buenos Aires nightlife: many clubs have an email list. If you join them, you will get you free entry or discounts, but you have to arrive “early,” meaning before 2 or 3am (oh, the horror). Keep in mind that Argentine clubs can stay open until 7:30/8 in the morning. To get on a list, just search each club’s Facebook page and find out what it is you have to do to be apart of it. Usually a text is required with all of the names of you and your friends.

Here we’ve laid out some of the most popular clubs in terms of Buenos Aires nightlife: some are posh, some are laid-back, so whatever you’re feeling that night, we have a club to match!

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Clubs

ROSEBAR: Honduras and Av. Juan B Justo
The music played at Rosebar is mainly Cumbia & Reggaeton, but Thursdays are known for their after office parties. You’ll definitely want to dress to impress, as the security at the door can deny you entrance simply by your outfit. This club is very glamorous and is known to be expensive, but if you’re on the hunt for a big club with glitz and glam, this is your place!

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Clubs

KIKA: Honduras 5339
Everybody is waiting for Tuesday, where Kika HYPE takes place. HYPE makes party-hard locals and foreigners dance to hip hop, electronic and dubstep music. On Wednesday, the party continues as an after office visited by those who want to end the day at the biggest electronic music nights. This club provides a large variety of music on the weekends, from house to electronic to Latin music to classic rock.

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Clubs

Niceto Club: Av. Cnel Niceto Vega 5510
Niceto is famous for Thursday, where this club transforms into Club 69, a gay-friendly party. Be greeted at the door by dancers in wild, extravagant costumes and take free shots from shirtless men in tight gold pants. Electronic music pumps all night, only to be interrupted midway by a mildly provocative, transvestite show. Nothing short of entertaining, liven up your usually boring Thursday night and let loose at Club 69.

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Clubs

Jet: Av. Rafael Obligado 4801
In two words: super exclusive. It was ranked as having the 4th best VIP tables in Buenos Aires in many different magazines. Throw on your best threads and be prepared for one of the favorites of the locals. Jet has one of the strictest door policies in Buenos Aires. The entrance is free until 2am, and each day of this 3-day weekend club has its own style.

Thursdays get crowded at around 3am with electronic music. Fridays are for younger people coming to hear rock, pop and reggaeton. Saturday, however, is the place to be, with lots of cumbia and reggaeton early on, followed by the best house music.

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Clubs

Club One: Adolfo Alsina 940
Also known as Palacio Alsina, thi sis without a doubt the place to go for high-level clubbing (literally). With three floors, the best international DJs, extravagant dancers and the best sound systems, this is always a crowd-pleaser. It’s known to have a mix of foreigners and locals with Latin music on Saturdays and electronic music on Fridays and Sundays.

Buenos Aires Nightlife: Clubs

Lost Club: Araoz 2424
The only nightclub in all of Buenos Aires soley dedicated to hip-hop. Break it down in the Lost Club until morning!

For more info on Buenos Aires nightlife, check this out. Or, to experience Buenos Aires yourself, don’t hesitate to contact a Say Hueque agent today!

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