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Buenos Aires Jazz Festival November 2013

From theater to tango, Buenos Aires always has something to celebrate. This November, 20-25, the city will welcome artists from around the country and the world to participate in the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival.

The people of Buenos Aires have been enjoying jazz for many years, long before the organization of a public festival took place. The government’s collaboration with Porteños love for the music has resulted in a growth of the artistic movement. Indeed, the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival has earned a respected position in the local cultural agenda, as the city has become a noted presence in the international jazz scene.

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival Hosts a Unique Spectrum of Artists

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival November 2013

Disregarding artists’ popularity and prioritizing diverse performances that define the essence of jazz, this year’s Buenos Aires Jazz Festival will invite musicians that guarantee excellence. A unique feature of the festival is the number of local artists that will participate. Many jazz festivals around the world save low visibility spaces for their local artists. The Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, on the other hand, will reserve a large space to bring them to the forefront.

One night of the festival will be dedicated to the Real Book Argentina Ensemble, an independent project that emphasizes the creation of a local and original jazz tradition. The opening night will commence with a number of international musicians.

Argentine musicians that work abroad will also be invited to perform and strengthen their bond with Buenos Aires. The artists will give open classes and workshops to share their knowledge. Varied and accessible venues are also key, so the festival will be carried out in theaters, clubs, cultural centers, and the outdoors day and night.

Like most international festivals, the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival will offer other activities in addition to the concerts, including photography exhibitions, thematic films, lectures and open interviews with leading interpreters. Finally, each evening ends with a spontaneous gathering of musicians and the audience.

Last Year's Buenos Aires Jazz Festival

Buenos Aires Jazz Festival 2012

Last year, the event attracted 70,000 visitors. This year, the focus is on providing original works of art to continue the vibration of jazz that resonates on the streets of Buenos Aires.

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