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Buenos Aires International Literature Festival September 2013

This September arrives the fifth edition of the Buenos Aires International Literature Festival (also known as Filba). Don’t let the name deceive you… this occasion reaches further than it implies; it is in fact held across two cities. Both Buenos Aires and Santiago de Chile host Filba simultaneously throughout the week of the 25th of September to the 2nd October. The festival entails international Filba figures from across the world gathering in these two major Latin American cities. They will be participating in a forum of interdisciplinary exchange to stimulate interaction between local artists and writers and the general public worldwide.

Filba Buenos Aires

The festival has so far enticed 22,000 people to make the journey to the southern hemisphere and indulge in a whole range of activities which are completely free to the public. Over 100 writers are used to present and discuss a large selection of panels, readings and performances. The strong international contingent can feast on over 70 workshops, talks and events. The capitals are set alight with intellectual innovation and exploration to create a dialogue between the two cities themselves which can be shared by those who come to get involved.

Filba Buenos Aires

The festival is hosted by the Filba Foundation. The foundation aims to create, through the pleasure and power of literature, a presence in society that encourages a democratic engagement of culture. They want to promote literature in its various expressions to inspire as many people as it can. All activities are free to ensure unrestricted public access to strengthen the circulation and publication of books and writing while withholding the importance of reading as a link to social and cultural integration. While the foundation continues its work throughout the year, its most visible contribution is the exchange between writers, thinkers, artists, and audiences through the festivals of Filba International, Filba National and Filbita.

Filba Buenos Aires 3

Filba National

This is the foundation down-sized to a national level to provide a meeting place for intellectuals and to open doors to the spreading of books and pieces of writing with in the different regions of Argentina. It allows writers and artists to make connections with and showcase their work to publishers and cultural managers.

Each region of Argentina has different themes and characteristic that emphasizes their identity. In order to strengthen links between different national narratives and poetry Filba National presents a literary festival which is held in a different city each year.


In the spirit of creating new forms and spaces of approach of books and literature for children, Filbita offers a stomping ground for young people to meet, talk, discuss, exchange and above all live literature in a friendly and sharing environment. It also gives the opportunity for established intellectuals to work with people of all ages.

While the literature festival is a great way to learn about the history and culture of Argentina and the region, it is also great to get out and experience Argentina first-hand. For more information about tours in Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls, Patagonia and Mendoza, check out Say Hueque Tours in Argentina.

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