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Posted on 01/05/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

Buenos Aires International Film Festival

Buenos Aires’ film spirit comes to life in mid-to-late-April hosting highlights of both national and international independent films, where they compete for recognition and awards. As one of the most prominent film festivals in the world, and the most important one in Latin America, BAFICI holds a privileged position in the international film agenda. Needless to say, the festival attracts important local figures of the industry as well as directors and actors of international backgrounds. This unique motion picture event is recommended to anyone who is a film aficionado as it is regarded as a fundamental vehicle for the promotion of the most innovative, risky and avant-garde films of Latin America.

This year the 17th edition of the Buenos Aires International Film Festival will take place from the 15th-26st of April. Films will be screened in its usual locations Lugones, Centro Cultural San Martín, CC 25 de Mayo, Malba Cine, Cine Cosmos, Planetario and the Anfiteatro de Parque Centenario, where the “Open-Air BAFICI” free screening are held. The main venue, also acting as a meeting point, will be Centro Cultural Recoleta, which is located near Village Recoleta where most films will be screened. The festival will normally kick off with a very prestigious film. In 2013 the festival started with the Chilean film «No» which had been nominated for an Oscar of Best Foreign Film.

Having received 600 submissions for short films and over 1400 submissions for full-length films this year’s edition has the potential to be the greatest in attendance since its conception. The goal is to beat the 2014 attendance of 380,000 spectators. Normally the Buenos Aires International Film Festival features some exclusive screenings as well as other special events. So if you are in Buenos Aires come out to see what promises to be the largest and most prestigious edition yet!

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