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Buenos Aires International Book Fair 2013

The Buenos Aires International Book Fair (feria internacional del libro) is an annual event perfect for book lovers as it is one of the top book expositions in the world and the largest and the most prominent in the Hispanic world. This event is more than just an exchange and exposition of literary works, it is also considered one of the most important cultural events in Latin America.

The Buenos Aires International Book Fair attracks readers from all over!

The original purpose of the fair is to facilitate the meeting of editors, bookstores, illustrators, authors, literary agents and mediate contracts and business; this is why the first three days are solely dedicated for these purposes. Once open to the general public, the fair has a length of three weeks occupying an area of 45,000 squared meters, usually attracting crowds of tens of thousands and featuring hundreds of famous authors doing readings and signing sessions. Most exhibitors are Latin American, yet there is a significant international presence, more notably displays from the United Kingdom, France, Norway, Ukraine, Armenia and China.

For the 39th edition the theme “Libros como Puentes” (Books like Bridges) was chosen; as bridges unite villages, cities and countries and simple wooden tablets or the most sophisticated engineering create bridges that last for a day or a century, yet they all have the purpose of bringing one person from one side to the other. Books are the same they act as magical bridges that unite grandparents with their grandchildren, people with different backgrounds and citizens of different countries. It is with this beautiful and poetic image that Buenos Aires International Book Fair invites its main guest of honor: Amsterdam. As the host city, Amsterdam will receive its private space in the Pabellón Amarillo, which will be called Café Amsterdam. The space will attempt to recreate the feeling of an intimate space of a café where a selection of the best contemporary Dutch authors will give talks in the pursuit of promoting Dutch literature. It is also with this theme that the Foundation “El Libro” invites the public to enter the world of books without any reservations.

Buenos Aires International Book Fair

Plenty to choose from at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair


The official inauguration of this important literature event will take place on the 25th of April at precisely 18:00. At this point, the fair will be open to the general public. The book fair will take place in the neighborhood of Palermo, near its green parks, in the area surrounded by Avenidas Santa Fe, Sarmiento and Cerviño. The area is well located as a number of buses go to this area as well as the subway and the fair is open every day, even in the case of a holiday from about 14:00 to 21:00. If you are not convinced yet, know that many, if not most books will be sold at a discount! So come and enjoy one of Latin America’s most important literature events.

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