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Posted on 07/04/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

Buenos Aires in 3 Days

Can’t spend any more than 3 days in Buenos Aires? Don’t stress.

You can still enjoy the best of what the tango capital of South America has to offer. First, you’ll need to sit down and really think about what’s most important for you to see/do while you’re here. According to what you decide, pick and choose between the following suggestions we’ve made for a traveler spending 3 days in Buenos Aires:

Argentina is famous for its quality meat and wine, and you can’t truly experience Buenos Aires without sampling some of both. This means that you should visit a typical parrilla (grill) while you’re here. There are hundreds in the city, and they range from extremely casual sidewalk barbeques to ritzy and expensive 5-star restaurants. If you’re sitting down to an asado (typical Argentine barbeque) at some point during your 3 days in Buenos Aires, here are some key terms to keep in mind: chorizo (sausage), costilla (rib), vacío (flank steak), matambre (flank steak filled with vegetables, eggs and herbs), cerdo (pig) and lomo (back). As far as wine goes, try the Malbec—red wine is Argentina’s specialty.

Tango is another of Argentina’s national trademarks. Check out a tango show; they usually include dinner or drinks. There are plenty to choose from within the city, but among a couple of the best are El Viejo Almacén in San Telmo (intimate and traditional) and Esquina Carlos Gardel in Abasto (inexpensive and sophisticated).

If you’re more interested in actually learning how to dance the tango during your 3 days in Buenos Aires, check out a milonga! There are lots to choose from, and many offer inexpensive beginner’s classes every day of the week. We recommend La Viruta, located at Armenia 1366. But if you head here, try to do so during the week and not the weekend, when it gets extremely crowded with tourists and loses some of its traditional appeal. If your schedule only permits a weekend night for a milonga, check out Milonga de los Morochas, located at Riobamba 416 in a club called El Beso.

Besides meat, wine and tango, Buenos Aires is also home to amazing theatre and a wide array of museums. If you have the time, definitely check out a show. If not, you should still try to take a tour of Teatro Colón, the city’s most impressive and beautiful theatre.

You can’t see everything in Buenos Aires in 3 days, but if you plan ahead of time, you can definitely see a lot. Check out our other Buenos Aires articles for more suggestions or contact Say Hueque today to start planning your perfect trip!

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