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Posted on 01/11/2013 Foodies' Guide

Buenos Aires Food Tour

Argentina is synonymous for steak and Buenos Aires is the dining capital of the country.

The food of a destination has always played an important role in how we choose where to travel. Therefore, we decided to share the best steaks, empanadas and desserts with you during our Buenos Aires food tour.

A great way to discover a culture is through its cuisine and sharing a meal with people from that place. On our Buenos Aires food tour we bring our clients to true Porteño restaurants that serve some of the best and most authentic food in the city. They are the type of places where you’ll find large tables of family and friends that have gathered at the same place seemingly forever, to share delicious food, wine, and conversation; not places you’re going to find in guidebooks!

We offer our Buenos Aires food tour in two very different and beautiful parts of the city; Palermo in the north of the city, with it’s tranquil tree lined streets and fashionable residents, and the historic neighborhood of San Telmo in the south filled with picturesque French and Italian style architecture and narrow cobblestone streets. On both routes we visit multiple restaurants, with a concentration on the city’s famous parrillas, Spanish for steakhouse. Besides getting to try foods at what we think are some of the best restaurants in the city, tour participants learn about the Argentine culture, cuisine, traditions, and history in native English. The Buenos Aires food tour is in small groups, and is a great way to meet interesting people from around the world.

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