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Posted on 08/30/2014 Inspirational Trips & News

Buenos Aires Circus Festival – Polo Circo

The Buenos Aires Circus Festival is a ten-day event dedicated to the discovery of the variety of forms and styles in circus performance arts featuring national and international entertainers. The event is held at the Polo Circo, and often refered to as the Polo Circo (Festival). The festival hosts circuses of all shapes and sizes from small intimate spaces to giant entertainment structures in order to promote what circus arts are in a global sense and to create memorable experiences.

The event goes beyond that of a festival as it also promotes a program of conferences to define the present and future of circus arts and performance. For this reason that the festival is considered to be an important occasion in the development of contemporary circus art as well as the creation of new techniques for the incorporation of choreography and visual arts in the circus domain. The festival has already had five years of solid international participation and has increasingly gained exposure and notice abroad, and has therefore considered changing its status to an international festival.

In 2015, the festival will launch its 6th edition. Though it is quite a recent event, it is a well celebrated one. In May, Buenos Aires will be hosting 18 circus shows, half of them being domestic circuses, the other half international. International circuses from all over the world will be represented, with a history of representative coming from all cornes of the world; Chile, France, England, Sweden, etc. There also is a special guest every year who will present a special project. The line up is different every year so be sure to check it out when it comes out. All shows are recommended for all ages, humor is understood and appreciated by all and show visual effects which surprise the audience.

Tickets can be bought online or simply by going to the Casa de la Cultura. There usually are some free shows, but the international ones always charge an entry fee. The tickets are normally under 100 pesos. It is a wonderful event to go with family and friends to be amazed by the beauty and greatness that are the circus performance arts.

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