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Posted on 05/19/2019 Tips & Recommendations

Buenos Aires ‘Before and After’ Visual Project Offers Rare Look into the City’s Past

Have you ever wanted to see what the streets of Argentina were like 100 years ago?  Would the old photos of Buenos Aires be extremely different from the present? Gastón de la Llana’s visual Project “Buenos Aires antes y después” (Buenos Aires Before and After) takes you for a visual tour of the Buenos Aires of the past and present, offering viewers a rare look into the city’s history.

Some areas, such as the Colon Theatre and The Rose Garden in Los Bosques de Palermo have remained relatively the same, whereas on the other hand drastic differences can be seen in Retiro and Plaza de Mayo. Something especially interesting in respect to Retiro is the large public pool that was once located in front of the train station, which as can be seen in the modern-day photo, is now absent. If you pay close attention, you can find many small changes to the city’s architecture and landscape in the photos of the Buenos Aires before and after series.

Seen in this photo is Retiro station and the public pool that once was located across the street

The online project is very user friendly and comparing the differences between the past and present takes a simple mouse movement over each photo. Interestingly, the project does not include Puerto Madero, and for good reason: the ultra modern and most expensive Porteño neighborhood was nothing more than a port that loaded cargo and imports into the city.

What are your favorite areas of the city? Do you have any old photos of Buenos Aires? Have you noticed any drastic changes compared to the past?

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