Buenos Aires Airport Transfer: Transportation from Ezeiza Airport

Argentina Travel Posted on 03/28/2015

Updated to April 2024

Welcome to Buenos Aires! It’s probably your first time in this bustling city and you must figure out how to make your way 45 minutes from the international airport to arrive downtown to your lodging safely. Sounds daunting? Many visitors are unsure about the best Buenos Aires airport transfer, so here are a few suggested ways to make the trip as safe and comfortable as possible.

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There are several options to get to your destination in Buenos Aires from the international Ezeiza Airport. The most secure Buenos Aires airport transfer is a private car service or a prepaid taxi service.

The official taxi service of the airport is called Taxi Ezeiza and you can either pre-reserve a car online or request one on the spot at their booth in the entrance terminal. You give them the address you are going to and pay a flat fee at the booth. After waiting a few minutes to confirm your driver, you head outside with your bags to meet your driver, and you are off! *Note that these are not the regular yellow and black Buenos Aires taxis. It is not recommended to hire a normal taxi, as rates can be highly subjective for tourists and could end up costing a lot more.

The Manuel Tienda León Bus Company offers a private remis car and driver service that you can reserve at the reservation booths in the arrival hall. This service will be the most expensive, but offers the most flexibility, security and will save the most time. The cars are comfortable and modern with uniformed drivers and air conditioning.

The Manuel Tienda León Bus Company also offers a shuttle bus from the airport to downtown areas that departs every 30 minutes. This is an inexpensive option, but can take 1 – 1.5 hours to get downtown. You will normally have to take another mode of transport like a taxi, subway or car service from the Manuel Tienda León bus terminal to get to your final destination, unless you happen to be in walking distance to your accommodation.

These are the recommended Buenos Aires airport transfer services for those on various budgets.

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