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Posted on 10/23/2013 Foodies' Guide

Best Brunch In Buenos Aires

Brunch is an incredibly important meal for those who are busy living the exciting and never-ending nights of Buenos Aires. Whether you’ve been partying hard in Buenos Aires’ boliches (clubs), drinking late at its bohemian bars or have simply been looking for the most delicious brunch in town? Well, you have come to the right place! These are the best places to have brunch in Buenos Aires!

The Buenos Aires brunch and “Breakfast for Champions” scene has only been recently developed in Buenos Aires yet it has already been widely accepted in porteño lifestyle. The residents of Buenos Aires will go bruncheando every once in a while when they crave a feast of poached eggs, bagels and bloody marys. If these cravings ever surge then you will find exactly what you are looking for in the following places:

1. Magdalena’s Party

Located in the heart of the bomenian neighborhood Palermo Soho, Magdalena’s Party is the reason why you will go out searching for brunch in Buenos Aires. With a North American vibe the venue acts as a bar, restaurant and the perfect place to have a proper USA-styled brunch with an Argentine touch. Soothe your craving for brunch (and your hangover) with the delicious breakfast favorites on Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 4 pm while enjoying the part of Palermo. Their brunch  menu is composed of five dishes: two sweet, two savory and a granola dish accompanied by Bloody Marys, mimosas, organic coffee and chai tea. The funky music also aids to make an overall pleasant brunch experience.

Location: Palermo Soho

Phone: 15-5949-5659

Transportation: Bus line 34, 36, 39, 55, 57, 111 or 166

Open daily for lunch, dinner and drinks, Brunch served Thursday to Saturday

Be excited!

2. Oui Oui

Oui Oui is one of the original Buenos Aires cafes to combine breakfast and lunch into a meal that all night-lifers seek the morning after. A place described as consistently delicious and affordable, Oui Oui is open from Monday to Sunday offering the never-failing Eggs Benedict. Also located in the bohemian Palermo Soho, Oui Oui’s French-styled décor adds to the charm of the neighborhood and the experience of an alluring brunch. The impeccable service, friendly staff, mouth-watering menu and refreshing drinks makes this Buenos Aires brunch venue quite desirable and so it is recommended you get there early to get a table.

Location: Palermo Soho

Phone: 4778-9614

Transportation: Bus line 39, 67, 152 or 161

Open: Monday to Sunday

Brunch in Buenos Aires

Oui Oui offers a great atmosphere, and equally great bread! Don’t miss out!

3. Malvon

Malvon is another original brunch venue in Buenos Aires offering the perfect atmosphere to sit down, relax and enjoy great coffee and bread-based dishes. Choose from the delicious variety of sandwiches and bagels such as the New York-inspired pastrami sandwich or the classic tostadas and the French croque-monsieurs. Also, Malvon offers the tradition North American brunch options like the eggs benedict, scrambled eggs with smoke salmon and an omelette with brie and spinach. Not only is this place a restaurant but it also acts as a bakery so if you enjoy their deliciously fresh bread you can buy some to enjoy later in the day.

Location: Villa Crespo

Phone: 4774-2563

Transportation: Bus line 42, 44, 65 or 168

Open: Monday to Sunday

4. La Crespo

Are you craving a real Jewish bagel deli deal? La Crespo is one of the only places that offer something that is very similar to the bagels you miss from North America. The venue’s home-made, toasted sesame seed bagel is packed with salmon, green onion cream cheese, red onions and capers; this beautifully displayed dish will make you want to come as often as you can. La Crespo also offers house specialties like knishes (dumplings), goulash and strudel at generous and affordable prices. If you are looking for freshly baked goodies, then you will want to try their brownies and cheesecakes. Here you have the option to have the food be take-away, or you can sit in at their high tables with stools which create an authentic brunch diner.

Location: Villa Crespo

Phone: 4856-9770

Transportation: Bus line 19, 55, 65 or 109

Open: Monday to Sunday

5. Full City Coffee House

It is rare to find a place that excels in service and offers a fresh brew of great-tasting coffee, Full City Coffee House is one of these gems that you will be glad you went to. This place is for the real coffee aficionados who crave a cup of Buenos Aires’ finest. The Colombian-English owners are coffee connoisseurs and will not offer you just any coffee; if you are in difficulty of choosing then they will gladly recommend the coffee that goes with your dish. Colombian fresh exotic fruit juices are also worth trying as they will tease every part of your taste buds. The allure of this place continues with the open kitchen where you can see the beautiful and delicious culinary creations both Colombian and English.

Location: Chacarita

Phone: 4665-1789

Transportation: Bus line 39, 93, 111, 140 or 168

Open: Monday to Saturday

The perfect place for the perfect coffee

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