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Posted on 10/19/2017 Tips & Recommendations

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

The heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires is a city that has been renowned for having the “best steaks in the world” and for the longest time, this flamboyant city was off radar for vegetarians due to the lack of vegetarian friendly options in the restaurants there. However now, the tides have turned.

Now, Buenos Aires offers some of the trendiest vegetarian eateries. In fact, these vegetarian eateries are springing up faster than ever. The president of the national Union Vegetariana Argentina, Manuel Alfredo Martí expressed his take on the matter and said, “It looks like the numbers are going to keep growing – and quickly.”

If you’re a vegetarian who’s travelling to Buenos Aires, there are plenty of renowned restaurant you could visit. Don’t miss the best vegetarian restaurants in Buenos Aires!

1.    Bio

The atmosphere of this fine restaurant is lively and emanates salivating aroma from the kitchen. It is located at Guatemala Street with a beautiful outside view of the tree lined street and green internal décor. Everything you see on the menu is made from 100% organic ingredients grown and raised locally. When you visit bio, you will be served with an appetizer of bread right off the oven with the Aubergine dip that will make you want to order another round.

On the menu, you will find a list of vegetarian options including Thai rice, salads of pumpkin & fennel along with the popular tofu which is served just like a steak with an olive garnish and a side of dried apples and damask. The empanadas are also highly recommended. The dough of the empanadas is baked to a perfect crust and the fillings change according to the season.

2.    The Masamadre

If you are looking to be pampered with a fine dining experience at a place that serves plenty of vegetarian friendly, taste bud tantalizing options, then the Masamadre is the place to be. People come here from all over Buenos Aires for two main reasons: the impeccable service and vegetable based options. Even though the menu is not free of meat, you will find plenty of innovative vegetarian foods there with irresistible descriptions. The bright white table cloth, sparkling wine glasses and relaxing ambience of the Masamadre makes it one of the coolest veggie eateries in town! The most frequently ordered items include Armenio with hummus, tabbouleh, roasted vegetables, lentil and mint salad, cucumber dip and pita. If you’re looking to visit the Masamadre after 10 pm, make sure you book yourself a table because the place gets pretty crowded after 10.

3.    La Esquina de las Flores

La Esquina de las Flores isn’t one of the new wave vegetarian joints that are popping up in Buenos Aires. In fact, it has been around since 1976. If you’re wondering what’s kept La Esquina de las Flores running for so long, you’ll find all the answers you were looking for in the first bite. The food is prepared from organic ingredients only. At La Esquina de las Flores, you’ll find a middle ground between fast food and health food. Madam Angelita is the owner of the place and she even gives out free cookery classes for Spanish speakers. So, if you want to take away some of her secret recipes, you better brush up on your Spanish. The aubergine bakes and homemade tarts are highly recommended!

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