The Best Time To Visit Iguazu Falls

Argentina Travel Posted on 12/12/2019

When planning a trip to Iguazu Falls you need to embrace this journey with the knowledge that you will not only be witnessing one of the Seven Wonders of the World but that there is a varied array of other delights to try your hand in and feast your eyes on. As the Iguazu river snakes its way through Brazil and approaches Argentina it suddenly hits an enormous cliff-face and morphs into 250 waterfalls. It is hard to find a more overwhelming way to get close to nature and all her glory. Of course you want to know how you will profit the most from a trip to these amazing waterfalls. We have made an analysis on the best time to visit Iguazu Falls, based on weather, prices, and tranquility. 

One of the most popular destinations in South America, travellers from far and wide arrive to marvel as colourful parrots fly overhead and chatter away in the nearby trees of this jungle oasis. The Argentine side of Iguazu Falls is where you will get up close and personal with the falls, and you can actually feel the refreshing mist off the towering 80 metre Garganta del Diablo waterfall. In contrast, the Brazilian side of Iguazu is perfect to appreciate the panoramic views and sweeping landscapes.

The best time to come to Iguazu is dictated by the weather and the crowds. It is predicted that the shoulder months of May and September are ideal as this seasonal window sees tolerable crowds, tolerable weather and a good chance of sunshine.

Don’t be fooled by the hillsides of people who make the trip between early January and late February. This is only because Argentineans and Brazilians are on holiday and the numbers that flock to the falls can become intolerable. Easter is also said to be a very busy time and June/July is subject to winter break. These are times when prices for food and lodging are probably at their highest.

The best time to visit Iguazu Falls is not in the summer months of December to March are when Iguazu is hottest with average temperatures in the region of 32C and a humidity consistently above 90%. This makes for an uncomfortable visit with the ever-present possibility of monsoonal rains.  However, the mist from the waterfalls is refreshing as well as the swimming pool at the hotel. In the winter the weather tends to be overcast with a higher chance of rain, although the humidity drops. To recap, we would say that the months of May and September are the best time to visit Iguazu Falls. 

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