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Posted on 03/19/2018 Tips & Recommendations

Best Places to go Fly Fishing in Patagonia

Fly fishing is such a fun sport that it lures fanatics to destinations all over the world. This means that these fly fishing enthusiasts are naturally attracted to places that offer incredible sites, including some of the best fly fishing.

If you are one of these enthusiasts and have a vacation coming up, then we suggest you gather your fishing supplies and your fishing buddies. Then, plan a trip to Patagonia.

Because Patagonia has some of the best places for fly fishing.

  • Peuma Hue, Nahuel Huapi National Park

Peuma Hue is a cozy lodge located in Argentina’s largest National Park. Not only does this lodge offers a relaxing retreat, but also a chance of fly fishing as soon as you step out the front door. Moreover, there’s not just one lake that you can choose. There’s multiple. Find yourself at the nearest one, or perhaps have a boat take you to a different side, or even to Lake Gutiérrez Lake to make sure that you catch the absolute best fish.

•    San Martin de Los Andes

San Martin de Los Andes is considered a fly fishing Mecca. It is surrounded by the alpine community which makes it one of the best spot for fly fishing. You can pick any estancia to stay in this area, and you are sure to have the best fly fishing experience of your life.

•    Aysen and the Baker River

Few people know about the Chileans and Patagonian Aysen region. This makes it all the better for fly fishing. This less-traveled region, home to the Baker and the Aysen rivers, offers a variety of fishing options. You can catch trout, salmon and other species in different lakes in the region as well. Keep an eye out for brown trout and salmon.  Moreover, the views are a destination in and of themselves. The region is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, leafy forests, and glacial mantles.

•    Futaleufu

Futaleufu River in Northern Patagonia is humongous and flows all the way down to the Pacific Ocean.  The Espolon is one of the largest tributaries of the Futaleufu River and is home to a large number of brown and rainbow trout and spawning salmon. In the Futaleufu valley is another river called Rio Yelcho, which contains some of the largest brown trout in the region.  There are several, rustic lodges in the region with nearby access to the river.

•    Lago Yelcho

Lago Yelcho is home to large trout between November and April.  The beautiful lakeside lodges that line the lake give you easy access to fishing by boat. This region is also close to springs and creeks which will give you a much-needed fly fishing challenge, even if you are an experienced fisher.

Are you already picturing yourself standing at the water’s edge, with a fishing rod in hand and a breathtaking view of you? Well, no need to picture anymore. Make it a reality, escape from your everyday routine and get ready for the trip of a lifetime.

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