Best Christmas Vacations for Families – Argentina Edition

Argentina Travel Posted on 09/20/2022

Each Christmas vacation is a new chance to create everlasting memories for the whole family: this year will be no exception! Choosing the right destination may help to add some adventure and fun to your family vacation. Argentina and Chile sound like the best Christmas vacations for families. Learn why!

Best part of traveling to Argentina & Chile in December? Whether you like Winter or Summer, these two countries have them both! As you know during December in the South Hemisphere we are beginning Summer time. 

What you need to know first:

  • For higher temperatures, Iguazú Falls, or Buenos Aires is ready to welcome you.
  • If you still want to stay in Winter vibes, Patagonia is the perfect place!
  • Book in advance…VERY IMPORTANT! Christmas is the high season in Argentina and Chile. 
  • Soak up some Christmas traditions to enjoy with the whole family. Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere can be very different from your home country (f.i: It is very common to spend Christmas eve next to the pool…drinking and enjoying the warm night weather!).

Best Christmas vacations for families’ destinations

1. Iguazú Falls

Waterfalls & Close Encounters with Local Wildlife

Escape the winter temperatures of the northern continent, and enjoy the warm weather Iguazu offers this time of year. Visit the Iguazu National Park where adventure and astonishment are guaranteed.

The impressive waterfalls located inside this National Park were named one of the seven natural wonders of the world, so expect nothing but a one-of-a-kind experience. Every member of the family gets to have fun at this Christmas vacation destination. Little explorers can have close encounters with local wildlife within a safe environment, or explore the jungle by catching a ride on the Eco-Train.

  • Don’t miss La Garganta del Diablo a set of waterfalls that concentrates the largest flow of the Iguazú Falls and the world!
  • Plus, there are many family-friendly accommodations with playgrounds and activities for kids. Most of them are run by family-specialized staff.


2. Buenos Aires

River & Gaucho Experience

Buenos Aires is the capital city of Argentina, and it is an awesome destination to travel to when looking for the best Christmas vacation for families. Museums, historical sites, and iconic monuments await the whole family! During December, temperatures might be a little bit high but no worries, Buenos Aires has your back.

Recommended activities in the city:

And if you prefer plain air family activities:

  • Ecoparque – It was the former zoo of Buenos Aires. Today is a free-entrance park. Some animals that couldn’t be liberated remain to be seen, and others -like ducks, peacocks, and maras (Argentine hare)- roam freely among visitors. 
  • Sail through the Rio de la Plata to Delta del Tigre – Only one-hour train away from Buenos Aires the neighborhood of Tigre is ready to host a day trip.  Admire elegant mansions that date back to the Belle Epoque, lush beautiful landscapes, and some English-style rowing clubs. 
  • Discover Puerto de Frutos, in Tigre, a colorful craft market full of delicious local food, and handmade home goods. Enjoy an extraordinary day surrounded by nature! 
  • Theme Parks in Tigre – Parque de la Costa and Aquafan
  • Visit an “Estancia” (ranch) and while the small ones learn all about farm animals, adults can enjoy a delicious glass of wine by the pool. Go horseback riding through the vast Argentinian countryside and conclude your day with a traditional Asado (barbecue). 

Tigre Delta Tour Buenos Aires

3. Torres del Paine

Adventure for the whole family in Chile

Patagonia’s weather during December might be a paradise for explorers. Enjoy warm weather during the day to swim on the iconic pristine lakes and turquoise rivers of Patagonia. But, as we climb in altitude, temperatures lower, and the pure fresh air of the Andes mountain range and its snow-capped mountains will surround us. Torres del Paine National Park hosts the great Paine Horns and Paine Towers, indeed a unique landscape to explore as a family. 

  • For Hiking lovers, Mirador de Cuernos is a 2-hour round trip hike really easy for any age. It starts from Pehoe and ends at the Mirador, passing through dazzling views of Lake Nordenskjöld and Salto Grande waterfall. Sailing to Grey Glacier is also a great call to explore this protected area! 
  • Try a new one-of-a-kind accommodation: Glamping at Torres del Paine National Park! Sleep under the starlit sky inside luxurious hotel-like tents.

Patagonia - Family Trip

4. El Calafate

Land of Glaciers

Have you ever imagined a family picture with the one and only Perito Moreno Glacier? Let’s make it possible! Explore the glacier land and enjoy the best of El Calafate tours. Embark on one of the best Christmas vacations for families ever. 

Perito Moreno’s Glacier is one of the only glaciers still advancing, plus its natural beauty makes it a must-see visit to include in your wide range of El Calafate tours. Families, couples, or solo travelers, all get to have fun at the Land of Glaciers.

  • Sail closer to the Icy Giant and get impressed by this 260-foot-tall mass of ice. While surrounded by this unique landscape, enjoy a hot beverage on board: buckle down and enjoy the view! 
  • If you want to add some local cultural experience, you can visit a local ranch and learn about the local gaucho lifestyle. Best part? End your visit by trying a traditional Patagonia lamb!
  • Families, this is your call! Discover the main highlights of the area: sail Mayo Channel up to Toro Bay, take a soft hike to Black Hill, or stroll around the catwalks to meet the imposing Perito Moreno Glacier. Everyone gets to have fun: catwalks are stroller-friendly, hikes are easy, and can be done by children and adults!
  • Have you ever been Ice Hiking? Choose the Mini trekking, maybe the most breathtaking adventure of the many El Calafate tours you may choose among. Live a once-in-a-lifetime experience: Hike over the great Perito Moreno Glacier! Unfortunately, this activity is available only for people between the ages of 8-65 years old.

best Christmas vacations for families

5. Ushuaia

Meet End of the World Penguins!

Discover the End of the World City: Visit the End of the World Lighthouse, a typical postcard from Argentina, or embark yourself on a kayaking adventure through the pristine lakes of Tierra del Fuego National Park.

But the truly life-changing experience is about to arrive: sail up to the Isla Martillo and meet these lovely creatures, the Magellanic Penguins. Mingle with these amazing mammals and get to observe them in their natural habitat within a safe and controlled environment guided by a local expert.

  • Local cuisine is also a must-try during your visit: Try Centolla, you won’t regret it!
  • Visit the famous End of the World Prison Museum and learn all about Ushuaia’s history with family-trained staff to satisfy the curious mind of the little ones!
  • Adventure for the whole family: within a safe and controlled environment, go paddling or canoeing on Lapataia Bay, or discover Tierras del Fuego National Park’s beauty and history by catching a ride on the End of the World Train, one of the kid’s favorites!

Trekking and Canoeing in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Do you still wonder if Argentina & Chile are the best Christmas vacations for family destinations? Check out our Family Tours (link) or talk to one of our experts, they are ready to help you find your next family adventure!

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