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The Best Beaches in Argentina

With almost 5,000 km of coastline to offer, the beaches of Argentina have long been a popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. While beaches receive most of their visitors in the summer months of January and February, the Argentine coast is a great option for a quick getaway all year long. From the glamorous northern beaches in the Buenos Aires province to the untouched sand on the shores of Patagonia, there is always a perfect beach vacation waiting for you in Argentina. Here are a few of the best beaches in Argentina. 

Mar Del Plata

Mar del Plata is considered Argentina’s most well-known beach, located around 4 hours drive south of Buenos Aires capital. Notoriously famed for its packed beaches in January, Mar Del Plata has it all in one large beach city. Beaches come equipped with all the amenities you can imagine- cabins and umbrellas, playgrounds, food stands, and even swimming pools! Prepare to spend the whole day at the beach, starting in the late morning until sunset. Then head over to the beach bars to start your evening with a cerveza overlooking the ocean. Nightlife reigns supreme in “Mardel” with open air boliches, or night clubs, open until the wee hours of the morning. Ask any Argentina and they’ll surely tell you that Mar del Plata is one of the best beaches in Argentina!

Villa Gesell

Less than an hour north of Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires province sits the quiet town of Villa Gesell. Slowly filling with more visitors each year, Villa Gesell offers a more natural and low-key version of Mar del Plata’s overflowing beaches. Beaches are natural, with long stretches of white sand. Winds are strong, but the sun is hot and pleasant. Look for wetsuit clad surfers searching for the perfect wave while eating lunch at Wendy’s, a historic wooden pirate-themed restaurant located directly on the sand. Often a favorite for younger beach-goers, Villa Gesell easily ranks as one of the best beaches in Argentina. 

Bahía Blanca

Lesser known Bahía Blanca boasts both mountains and beach within an hour’s drive. Pehuén Có is home to a long stretch of sandy beaches and dunes, all relatively empty and unspoilt. It has a wild and un-touristy feel with little in the way to spoil the natural beauty of the beach. Head to slightly more developed Monte Hermoso, with more restaurants and families who are camping on the beach for the weekend. Don’t miss the sunset, as it is one of the few coastlines where the sun rises and sets over the sea!

Puerto Madryn

Home to exotic wildlife and breathtaking scenery, Puerto Madryn captures the quintessential Patagonia coastline. In addition to spotting whales and penguins from your sightseeing boat on the water, make sure to catch a glimpse of them from the white sand! El Doradillo beach is only one of few beaches in Puerto Madryn where you can watch the southern white whales from the shore. Between June and October, tourists flock to see these marine animals in their natural habitat. Waters and climate are warmer as the shore receives direct currents from Brazil. The beach also offers incredible opportunities for nature photography and bird watching.

For couples looking for a romantic getaway to families spending the weekend together, each section of the Argentine coastline offers beachgoers something special and unique. Among the best beaches in Argentina, you will find exactly what you’re looking for. 

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