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The Most Beautiful Destinations in Salta

Known for its sophisticated appeal, the region has become a favorite among curious travelers from around the globe due to its natural beauty, historic architecture, excellent weather and welcoming demeanor. It also boasts a plethora of attractions to keep visitors busy, regardless of age of interests, including world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, quaint cafés, and live musica folkloria.

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Sunset in Salta.

Founded in 1582, the city is actually located in the southernmost region of the Inca Empire. Salta was known for being the starting point of the “Train to the Clouds” or Tren a las Nubes, and conveniently situated along the way to nearby destinations such as Cafayate. The region is so gorgeous, that it’s nickname is Salta la Linda, which translates to “Salta the Beautiful.”

You’ve heard the expression “a picture is worth a thousand words” so we figured it was better to show you, rather than try to explain. Enjoy our roundup of the most beautiful destinations in Salta below featuring wanderlust-worthy Instagram photos.

Let us know if you have additional favorites that didn’t make it on our list, and to learn more about things to do in Salta, be sure to read our complete Salta Travel Guide!

Cathedral of Salta

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Built in the nineteenth century at 9 de Julio Park, the Cathedral houses the remains of General Güemes, the Independence hero.

Salinas Grandes through Purmamarca

Discover the impressive Salinas Grandes salt flats high in the Andes Mountains while walking out onto the salt deposits for unique and astonishing views of this unforgettable landscape.

Cerro San Bernardo

Overlooking Salta from 883 feet above, Cerro San Bernardo is the perfect spot to get a panoramic view of the city, and you can take the cable car to the top to capture the perfect shots along the way!

Anfiteatro Natural

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These gorgeous rock formations can be found along the drive from Salta to Cafayate. Not only gorgeous, but these caves also provide amazing acoustics – and if you’re lucky, you may just be able to enjoy a local musician giving a live performance.

San Francisco Church

Built in the eighteenth century, this church is the most gorgeous in all of Salta, with its red and gold facade and its belfry (173 feet tall). Its baroque and neoclassical style make it a popular photo opp for visitors.

Abra del Condor

For more breathtaking mountain views, nature lovers should check out Abra del Condor, another scenic destination along Salta’s winding passages.

San Miguel Market

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Enjoy the regional cuisine of the Northwest by taking a gastronomic tour through San Miguel Market, crib of local goods, cuisines, and spices – perfect for any foodie!

Humahuaca Gorge

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Travel north along the Humahuaca Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Humahuaca Ravine is a geological wonder with stunning views and amazing landscapes. Pictured here is the stunning Hill of Seven Colors.

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