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Posted on 05/09/2017 Inspirational Trips & News

arteBA 2017: Contemporary Art Fair in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a significant role in hosting Latin America’s most important and prestigious cultural events. It is for this reason that Latin America’s most important contemporary art fair… …since 1991, arteBA, will be featured in Buenos Aires for its 26th edition. The art fair acts as a meeting point for galleries, collectors, artists and cultural institutions. In recent years, the increasing interest in the diffusion of art through arteBA has led to positive reviews from both public viewers and expositors which have significantly increased the desire from famed artists to hold their expositions in Buenos Aires.

The arteBA contemporary art fair has clearly identified a profile that encourages and eases contemporariness, creating a platform for the exhibition of artistic manifestations that reflect the present spirit of art. The artistic scenery is made even more exciting as it is surrounded by Buenos Aires’ architectural beauty, electrifying cosmopolitan night life and the pulse of the city’s Latin-American roots. This environment creates an intense atmosphere of artistic production in various museums, artistic centers and art galleries ranging from classical to alternative, where something amazing is always happening.

The fair condenses all this energy and creates it into a touristic wonder and center of business. Each year in May, the city creates an opportunity for galleries to exhibit their best Latin American artwork, offering to the public an encounter with collector pieces. This is also a moment when the youngest artists show the new art wave, a thing seen very seldom in other fairs.

The 26th edition of arteBA will take place from May 24th-27th, and the center of the fair will be La Rural, a huge conference center in the beautiful neighborhood of Palermo. The Rural is next to Buenos Aires’ great green parks and plazas, where there is sure to be a lot of entertainment and artists exposing their work in all of its wonderful corners.

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