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Posted on 01/05/2015 Foodies' Guide

5 Affordable Argentine Wines to Combine with Rock Music

5 amazing malbecs for under one hundred pesos and Argentine rock music to pair them with

  1. Misterio
  2. Norton Malbec
  3. Latitud 33
  4. Fond de cave
  5. Nieto senetiner

Misterio: priced between 40 & 50 pesos. Paired well with mollejas (argentine sweetbreads), Ojo de bife (rib eye), matambre or matambre a la pizza (flank steak or flank steak with tomato sauce and cheese) or any type of meat pasta sauce. It’s spicy, full bodied and can even be drunk with a picada (meat/cheese plate).

Music: Los Redondos. Song “Yo Canibal”. No other Argentine rock singer has been so revered yet mysterious as the band’s lead singer, Indio Solari.

Norton Malbec: priced between 30 & 40 pesos. Paired well with any type of pork dish like bondiola (pork shoulder) because it doesn’t have as much body as other malbecs and won’t cover the lighter salty flavor of the pork. It’s also great with meat or chicken empanadas. And if you’re going with friends and you don’t know if there’s going to be food or if the social gathering will have wines, bring Norton. It’s not too presumptuous or gaudy, but holds it own and is always welcome.

Music: Soda Stereo. Song “Ciudad de la furia”. This song has never been turned off or down by anyone, ever. Point.

Latitud 33: priced between 50 & 65 pesos. Paired well with any cut of lomo (sirloin), asado (ribs) and cordero (lamb). Heavy bodied, dark fruit undertones with a tinge of spice cutting through the sweetness, this wine is complex and can even be drunk by itself with a nice view to accompany it.

Music: Charly Garcia. Song “No soy un extraño”. Perfect for late night drinking and brimming with porteño dark ambiance.

Fond de Cave: priced between 60 & 80 pesos. Paired well with any chocolate dessert.  It’s rich dark chocolate, plum and fig aromas are in and of themselves intoxicating.

Music: Luis Alberto Spinetta. Song “Muchacha ojos de papel”.  A beautiful Argentine rock nacional classic that is still played amongst the old and young.

Nieto Senetiner: priced between 70 & 90 pesos. Paired well with Bife de chorizo (top loin), tapa de nalga (boneless rump or roast), or even paleta (any type of chuck steak). It’s aromatically spiced and robust in dark fruit flavors. This is perfect for dinner. It goes great with almost all cuts of meat and really brings out the flavor of a charcoal grill or wood-burning grill.

Music: Divididos. Song “A la delta”. Perfect for any asado (barbeque) with friends and family.  Listen and find out why.

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Written by Brian Athey

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