Argentine Tango

Welcome to South America Posted on 02/17/2011

The Argentine Tango was born at the end of 1800. It started as a mixture of various rhythms that were danced in the poorer quarters of Buenos Aires. In the early days of Buenos Aires tango, it was originally danced by pairs of men.

Argentine Tango included the flute, the violin and the guitar, the first of which was subsequently replaced by the “bandoneón” (a type of accordion), which gives the tango it its distinctive flavor that is now known throughout the world. With the addition of immigrants to Buenos Aires, Argentine Tango incorporated their experiences, their cultures and their melancholic nostalgia for the old world.  And fortunately for the rest of us, tango evolved and its Buenos Aires influences brought forth such musicians as Astor Piazzolla and Anibal Troilo, not forgetting Carlos Gardel.

Today, one of the must-do experiences in Buenos Aires for the international traveler is to enjoy the maginificence of the Argentine Tango dance in a traditional Buenos Aires Tango Show with a gourmet dinner. Like flamenco in Spain, Broadway theater play in New York, the Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires is a must do for a complete cultural experience of this country. Bear in mind that as any main attraction, Argentine Tango Shows are usually packed with tourist, not just from other countries but also from other provinces (since best tango shows are in Buenos Aires, while in the big city argentine visitors from other provinces like to visit a tango house).

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