Argentina’s Top Destinations for Older Travelers

Argentina Travel Posted on 11/09/2017

Wanderlust knows no age. Every now and then, we wish to escape from our mundane routines to take a well-deserved vacation. After giving important years of your life to your job, saving up, and sending children off to college, you inarguably deserve a trip to pamper yourself!
Fortunately for all the senior travelers, Argentina is the number one stop to fulfill your dreams of some adventure, relaxation, exquisite food, and wine.

Updated to April 2024

Fortunately for all the senior travelers, Argentina is the number one stop to fulfill your dreams of some adventure, relaxation, exquisite food, and wine.

If you’re planning your next trip to this traveler’s heaven, book a hassle-free and budget-friendly tour for the best travel experience in one of Argentina’s top destinations for older travelers.

1. Cusco

Where to: Perú

Although it is not located in Argentina, Cusco is a great destination to mix on a featured trip to discover these two wonderful countries.

Nurture your love for history by visiting this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cusco is a must-visit for a host of reasons. Firstly, you get to experience the amazing Machu Picchu, heralded one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Due to the popularity of this spot, you will easily find locations and transportation to this peak out of which a train ride is most recommended. Built-in the archetypal Inca style, Machu Picchu would make a stunning addition to your Peru travel diaries.

Secondly, you can feast your eyes on the Salt Pans of Maras. These salt pools are said to have been harvested since the time of the Incas, which renders this spot a must-see for all the senior, history-loving travelers.

Lastly, enjoy an excursion to the Sacred Valley. You can even load up on souvenirs for your grandchildren, handmade by the locals at the historical market of Pisac.

View of cusco city center at sunset

2. Buenos Aires

Where to: Buenos Aires, Argentina

If you’re planning a tour to Argentina, you cannot miss its lifeline, Buenos Aires! Endearingly dubbed the ‘Paris of South America’, you will get to experience the real Argentine culture, food, and wine here. To relax and unwind, take a walk on the quaint cobbled streets, visit the historical markets and taste the mouth-watering ‘parrilla’, a specialty of Argentine cuisine. Enjoy this eclectic city while sipping on their famous Malbec Wine.

The great thing about BA is that it has something in store for everyone. If you’re tired of the fast-paced lifestyle, relax amidst a Tango show where you will get to experience local culture, cuisine, and of course, wine!

View of plaza de mayo in buenos aires in a sunny day

3. Iguazu Falls

Where to: Misiones, Argentina

Opt for a truly liberating experience by traveling to this amazing destination from Buenos Aires. Indeed one of Argentina’s Top Destinations for Older Travelers. This little town is a true soother for the senior soul and allows you to witness the new wonder of the world, the spectacular Iguazu Falls!

One of Argentina’s most awe-inspiring sights, it is a must-see on your trip. Get your cameras ready for a true visual treat to watch hundreds of waterfalls cascading down with the soothing, gushing noise of the water playing in the background. This experience is almost therapeutic and lends you a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Along with the breathtaking view of the waterfalls, experience the Iguazu National Park, home to a plethora of rare species of flora and fauna. Excavate maximum benefit from these wonderful treasures of nature while you’re there!

Women looking at iguazu falls

Amalgamate your love for history and nature in your trip to Argentina! Get your luggage done and let your next Argentina’s Top Destinations for Older Travelers adventure begin with the guidance of our travel experts!

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