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Argentina Wine Recommendations

For wine loving visitors that come to Argentina but are unable to make it to the vineyards of Mendoza, Buenos Aires can still offer the top wine selection in the world. Argentina is well known for its wines and it is no surprise that Argentina’s wine wins various awards within the wine community every year. Below is a list of some of our favorite Argentina Wines that you can encounter in every city.

Enjoy Argentina Wine

The Reds


This workhorse red wine was once the most planted variety in Argentina. It is prevalent in many blends; however, some winemakers have been experimenting with Bonarda’s potential as a single variety wine over the past few years.

  • Passionate Wine, Ineditos, 2012 – Matias Michelini has been making wine for fun, for experimentation and for himself. His beloved Bonarda is fermented with whole grape bunches and gives a fresh, fruity and unique wine.

  • Caligliori, Bonarda, 2012 – This simple Bonarda is full of fruit, well balanced and smooth.

  • Nieto Senetiner, Cadus, 2010 – Popular Nieto Senetiner is a complex wine with intense aromas and a long finish. It also deserves a bit of decanting.

  • El Enemigo, Bonarda, 2009 – Made by Catena winemakers Alejandro Vigil and Adrianna Catena, this wine is a bit wild and has 10% Cabernet Franc in the mix.

Cabernet Franc

Argentina is producing some stunning Cabernet Francs. These are some of the top varieties in the country.

  • Durigutti, Cabernet Franc, 2011 – After over a year’s oak aging in a family run winery, this single variety has an intense nose of fruit and spice with a long finish and good structure.

  • Pulenta Estate, Gran Cabernet Franc – As one of the first to make the Cabernet Franc an icon wine, this one is a favorite. Make sure to try the delicious bell pepper and mature fruit version.

  • Riglos, Gran Cabernet Franc – This premium wine comes from Gualtallary in Mendoza and was made by wine specialists from all over the field.

  • Andeluna, Pasionado Cabernet Franc – Andeluna concentrates on top premium wines and their intense and rich Cabernet Franc comes from that expertise.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon used to be the king of grapes in Argentina. Although Malbec pushed it off of its throne a decade ago, there are still great varieties to be found at great prices.

  • Casarena, Rama Negra Reserve, 2011 – This wine comes from a fairly new project in Lujan de Cuyo and is perfect for pairing with flavorful dishes.

  • Clos de Chacras, Eredita, 2009 – This new release from Uco Valley has just come onto the market and reflects the boutique winery’s bold and structured talent. This one is intense and juicy.

  • Ruca Malen, Kinien, 2008 – This romantic Cabernet Sauvignon is named after the legend of a Mapuche woman who fell in love with a God on Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas located in Mendoza. The wine contains juicy dark fruits.


One can never go wrong with a good Malbec as it is the jewel wine of Argentina. Here is a list of well known varieties of Malbec that deserve a couple hours of decanting.

Bottles of Malbec in Argentina

Bottles of Malbec in Argentina

  • Luigi Bosca, Los Nobles, 2010,  – Taken from the stunning Los Nobles vineyard that looks upon Tupungato volcano in the distance, this Malbec is rich, intense and fruity. This is the iconic Malbec of the winery and contains a bit of Petit Verdot in the mix.

  • Renacer, Renacer Malbec, 2010 – – A Chilean family wanted to make the best wines they could on this side of the Andes. Renacer, meaning “rebirth” in English, was their Argentine creation.

  • Serrera, Gran Guarda Malbec, 2008, – This wine’s rich concentration and well balanced nature comes from a small winery that makes simple wines.

  • Tapiz, Black Tears, 2008, $350 pesos – This 100% concentrated Malbec is the top wine from Tapiz in Mendoza. The winery also has an olive oil factory.

  • Altos Las Hormigas, Single Vineyard Vista Flores, 2007, – This unique wine in Argentina is the result of hard work put in by experts from Italy, Chile and Argentina. It has been doing terroir investigation and soil profiling, resulting in a delicious Malbec.

The Whites


Chardonnay is often known as too oaky and although you may find great unoaked Chardonnays here, this list of oaked Chardonnays is nothing short of delicious.

  • Cobos, Bramare, 2011 – With a big name in the wine business, it is no surprise that Paul Hobbs’ Chardonnay from his winery in Lujan of Buenos Aires province is popular, as well. This wine has a bit of honey, some fresh fruit and an overall great balance.

  • Walter Bressia, Lagrima de Canela, 2010 – This wine’s name, which translates directly to “Cinnamon Tear” is as poetic as the flavor that it entails. Coming from one of the great winemakers of Mendoza, it has a touch of Semillon, a hint of spice and cream.

  • Catena Zapata, White Stone, 2009 – Catena Zapata have been the pioneers of premium Chardonnay in Argentina. Their Chardonnay focuses on two different terroirs so you can try their White Bones or White Stones, both of which will be a delight to drink.


Torrontes, once available only from up north, has spread like wildfire and is being made all over Argentina. It is often known by locals as “the liar” for its floral, sweet scent but dry and bitter mouth.

  • Gimenez Riili, Perpertumm, 2012 – This Torrontes is made in the desert-scape of La Rioja province from the Gimenez Riili brothers. The long hot days and cool nights gives it a floral nose and a delicate touch.

  • Merced del Estero, Mil Vientos, 2012 – San Juan province is known as the land of a hundred winds and this wine certainly reflects that wild landscape. It is intense and floral with great volume that provides a long taste.

  • Tukma, Gran Torrontes, 2011 – This Torrontes comes from Cafayate in the province of Salta. Tukma is a Torrontes with six months in oak. Although that may be unusual for this variety, it results in a pleasing intensity and buttery volume.

Sauvignon Blanc

Fresh winds and high altitude vineyards in the Uco Valley and Lujan de Cuyo of Mendoza make the ideal Sauvignon Blanc. Some of the best wines that come from this region are:

  • Doña Paula Estate, 2013 – This beautiful Sauvignon Blanc comes from the sustainable social-project friendly Doña Paula winery. It has tropical fruits herbs and a typicity for the varietal.

  • Pulenta Estate, 2012 – Pulenta Estate makes excellent wine and their Sauvignon Blanc points to the variety in Argentina. It is fresh, herbal and perfect for the summer time.

  • Montesco, Agua de Roca 2012 – Renowned winemaker Matias Michilini focuses on wines from single vineyards. This wild Sauvignon Blanc is mineral driven and terroir focused.

  • Mariflor, Bodega Rolland – This wine comes from Michel Rolland’s personal project in Vista Flores at the foot of the Andes mountains. The powerful Sauvignon Blanc is complex and concentrated.



Argentina makes some great sparkling wine. These sparklers come from unique wineries that focus on red grape bases.

  • Casa Margot, Blanc de Noir – Half the wine comes from Syrah and the other half Chardonnay. This is an unusual Blanc de Noir with a lovely color and a long finish.

  • Cruzat, Cuvee Reserve Rosé – Pedro Rosell brings us a sparkling wine that comes from champenoise method wines. Make sure to try his Pinot Noir based sparkling rosé.

  • Navarro Correas, Brut Malbec Rosé – This modern winery delivers a fun rosé that is simple and has red fruit aromas all at a great price.

  • Zuccardi, Alma 4, Bonarda – When Sebastian Zuccardi heard that it was impossible to make a sparkling red wine, he took up the challenge . This sparkling red wine is a favorite for parties in Argentina. Daring and unusual, it brings something different to the table.


Argentina is lucky to have a sunny and dry climate, reducing risk of rot and infection. Although growing organic grapes is fairly easy, wineries focusing on organic wines are rare. Here are a few producers that put in the extra effort in making wines from organic grapes.

  • Caligiore, 4 Vacas Gordas, Malbec-Cabernet Blend, 2011- This project has certified organic vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo and Ugarteche and produces great organic Malbec at a tempting price.

  • Ceccin, Malbec Reserva, 2007- The owner, Alberto, says that all vineyards and agriculture were originally organic. When he took over his family vineyard, he kept that consistent. Cecchin has always been an organic grassroots winery. They also a sulphite free Malbec.

  • Chacra, Manique Merlot, 2011- Chacra makes biodynamic and organic wines from old vines in Patagonia. Elegant, subtle and with lots of fruit, this stunning Merlot is a must.

  • Ojo de Vino, Puro Cabernet Sauvignon, 2011- Made in organic vineyards in Agrelo (Lujan de Cuyo), this Cabernet Sauvignon consists of mature fruit and provides a long finish. It is owned by a Swiss wine lover, Dieter Meier.

For more information on wine in Argentina, read about wine and tango in Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina.

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