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Posted on 03/02/2016 Travel Journal

Argentina Vacations: Your Perfect Day in Iguazu

At the very northeast of Argentina, just on the border of Brazil, awaits one of the natural wonders of the world: the Iguazu Falls. Traveling the 1.300 kilometers that separate Buenos Aires from the oldest national park of the country (besides Nahuel Huapi, which was also founded in 1934) is definitely worth it when the “award” are these amazing waterfalls which are even higher and wider than the Niagara or Victoria Falls.

Located in the heart of a tropical rainforest with breathtaking scenery thanks to its diverse flora and fauna, Iguazu is a must-visit during your Argentina vacations. The ideal thing would be to take at least two days to enjoy both sides (as it shares its territory with Brazil), but if you don’t have enough time, the “winner” is definitely Argentina, where you can have the “perfect day” that you are looking for.

If you’re not a morning person and take your time to wake up, I’m sorry to tell you that this time you’ll have to make the effort… and it’ll definitely be worth it. In order to enjoy the most of your day in the falls you should get up early (around 7 am) and leave your hotel at 8 am to get to the park without having to wait eternally in line. Cross your fingers and hope for a sunny day to enjoy details like the butterflies and amazing rainbows that will suddenly appear in every corner.

Once you set a foot inside, you’ll start to feel it: the force, the power, the uniqueness of the falls. You may take the train up to the “Cataratas” station, where there are different paths to different falls and, of course, where you can start a trip of 2.3 kilometers which takes you to the biggest and most spectacular attraction of Iguazu: the Devil’s Throat. Although, as I see it, taking the green trail by foot is more rewarding. This way you’ll be able to discover every secret of the tropical forest, like the 2,000  types of plants, over 400 bird species and all sorts of insects, reptiles and mammals like the adorable caí monkeys or coatis. Just one warning: these last ones may seem like cuddly toys but they can be really aggressive and above all, they’re professional sandwich stealers, so beware!

The Argentine side of Iguazú has two main paths, but by starting at the lower one (around 1.7 kilometers), you can take in the eight lookouts to waterfalls such as Dos Hermanas, Ramírez or the Bosetti jump. Next to this last one is a staircase that ends on the same river where you can catch a free boat to San Martín Island. Lay there, get your energy back and then jump on a speedboat to feel the adrenaline of putting yourself right beneath one of the falls.

Afterwards, it’s time to take the upper circuit (700 meters) and have a more panoramic view of the falls, look over the edge of falls of up to 60 meters high and get to know the great variety of flora and fauna that hides in the park.

Next, you are going to one of the most amazing sites of your Argentina vacations and, perhaps, of the world. Leaving the tour to the Devil’s Throat for last is a good choice, that way you’ll get ready little by little for what is expecting you…After crossing a flat walkway, you’ll arrive at the awaited magical balcony where you can listen, see and feel the startling intensity and fierce beauty of this 80 meter high drop that will soak you with a thousand feelings and get hold of your heart forever.

If you’re lucky enough to go to Iguazú when there’s a full moon, you shouldn’t even doubt taking the walk at night, as it’s the only time of the month when they open the park after the sun goes down. Going to the Devil’s Throat with just a small group of people, when the only sound is that made by the animals, the wind and the water falling and the only light that illuminates you is the moon is an experience pretty difficult to beat in life.

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Written by Irene Valiente

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