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Posted on 04/01/2016 Inspirational Trips & News

Argentina Vacations: Your Dream Itinerary Made Reality

Not everyone can go on vacation for weeks at a time; maybe it’s work, maybe it’s school, maybe it’s the kids, maybe it’s the budget. But what about just one week? What if you could have incredible Argentina vacations halfway around the world and be back home in only 8 days? We want to make your dream Argentina vacations possible, so we’ve created an itinerary that allows you to see the “musts” of Argentina in only 8 days.

It’s rude to keep your Argentina vacations waiting, after all.

So how would it go exactly? We’ll break it down for you.

Day 1&2: Sizzling Buenos Aires

Oh yes, the city that will sweep you off your feet. Experience South America, Europe and a cosmopolitan city rolled into one…the best combination ever! Take your first day to relax and wander around your hotel to get a personal feel of the city. For day two, we’ll take you on a city tour that will show you the main points of the city and the history behind it.

At night, you’ll be taken to a tango show that’s sure to give you goosebumps with a fabulous dinner included (and endless Malbec!). This is the perfect end to a day, as you’re shown the porteño culture found all over Buenos Aires.

Day 3, 4 & 5: Jungle of Iguazu Falls

Nothing can compare to seeing the majestic Iguazu Falls for the first time. The thunderous water endlessly crashing down, the mist of it all around you, the countless viewpoints to see it from.

Take a boat ride underneath the Falls (yep, you’ll get soaked) and spend a day on each side: the Argentine side and the Brazilian side. That’s right: the Falls are so huge they spread across two countries!

Day 6&7: Icy El Calafate

Home to the famous and enormous Perito Moreno Glacier, you’ll definitely be seeing your breath as you go! After tropical Iguazu, we bring you down to southern Patagonia, a place so beautiful you thought it only existed on postcards.

Most people don’t associate South America with glaciers and snowy mountains, but prepare for Patagonia to knock your socks off. Spend all day at (and on!) the photogenic Perito Moreno glacier and prepare for a day of adventure.

Day 8: Buenos Aires to home!
See? A week going all over Argentina seeing natural beauty is definitely possible. 8 days is all it takes to scratch the surface of this beautiful, diverse country. All of our trips include bilingual guides who give you their best tips and pieces of advice for an even more amazing trip. So what are you waiting for? Get planning!

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