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Posted on 03/18/2016 Foodies' Guide

Argentina Recipes: Cheesy Broccoli Tarta

If you’ve visited Argentina, you’ll know that the food is unique and utterly delicious. Each city has their own style of food: Salta and Iguazu are known for heartier meals from indigenous backgrounds, Patagonia for its fruits, lamb and chocolate, Mendoza for its wine and Buenos Aires for its Italian influenced pizzas and pastas. And, of course, the whole country is home to amazing beef.

The time has come that you’ve all been waiting for: Argentina recipes have caught the attention of many as we try to bring a taste (ha ha) of the Argentine culture to your lives back at home. Well, we have done it again, folks! After introducing to you the pastel de papa, locro soup, chocotorta, empanadas and rainy day snacks, we’re bringing in another one.

Similar (but not exactly) to a quiche, tartas are a classic Argentine meal eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With its many variations, tartas are full of protein and vegetables and leave you satisfied. Eat some for breakfast, pack a piece in a Tupperware and bring it to the office for lunch! This is one of the easiest (and tastiest) Argentina recipes that you can make out of only a few ingredients.

Argentina Recipes: Cheesy Broccoli Tarta

You’ll need:
Two pie crusts
One large head of broccoli
300g cheese of your choice (mozzarella, swiss, etc.)
4 eggs
¼ cup milk
Salt and pepper to taste

Line a pan with the unbaked pie crust and bake in the oven (400 degrees) for five minutes. Remove and set aside.

Cut and boil broccoli until tender. Drain.

Sprinkle the cheese of your choice on the baked pie crust before adding broccoli over it.

Whisk the eggs together in a bowl with milk, salt and pepper before pouring it on top of the broccoli.

Cover with the second pie crust and bake for 25 minutes, or until golden.

You can add any type of meats or extra veggies to customize your tarta and make it your own. Ham and cheese? Bacon and spinach? Chicken and corn? All of the above? Denser than a quiche, this tarta will leave your mouth watering. Be sure to save leftovers, because they’re just as good as the fresh tarta! 

For more Argentina recipes, check this out. Or, to see Argentina for yourself, get in touch with us at Say Hueque today!

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