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Posted on 07/07/2016 Welcome to South America

Argentina Independence Day

Get ready to celebrate the Argentina Independence Day Bicentennial, arguably one of the most important Argentina holidays! On July 9, 1816, in the Casa Histórica de la Independencia in Tucuman, Argentina officially declared independence from Spain. The rest, as they say, is history. 200 years later, find out how you can join in the festivities!

Casa de Tucuman

Casa Histórica de la Independencia, Tucuman

Argentina Independence Day activities in Buenos Aires include parades, concerts, and the gathering of friends and family over food, perhaps for an asado. Public activities take place throughout the city, but the main events usually take place along Avenida 9 de Julio and near Plaza de Mayo.

Here are some of this year’s main events:

  • Friday, July 8th, 9pm: La noche de los 200 años, an open air concert in front of Teatro Colón
  • Saturday, July 9th, Argentina Independence Day! Businesses & government offices are closed, but you can still take to the streets to find neighborhood celebrations, like the Classic Car Show taking place on Calle Defensa in San Telmo.
  • Sunday, July 10th, 10am: Bicentennial Parade, a parade of bands from different countries, starting at Avenida del Libertador 2000

Argentina Independence Bicentennial

If you happen to be visiting another part of the country this weekend, have no fear! Here are some of the Argentina Independence Day activities taking place around the rest of the country:

  • Mendoza: Traditional Argentine Music Concert by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mendoza, July 8th at 10:15pm
  • Salta: Dance, Lights, and Fireworks, July 8th at 9pm
  • Ushuaia: Night of Music and Dance, July 8th at 9pm

And if you weren’t able to travel to Argentina for the bicentennial celebration, you can always celebrate with activities hosted by your country’s embassy. No matter where in the world you are this 9th of July, all of us here at Say Hueque wish you a happy Bicentennial Argentina Independence Day!

By Michelle Lenze

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