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Posted on 05/17/2019 Inspirational Trips & News

Where To Go During Argentina’s Winter

When you are looking to escape the unbearable summer heat, a trip to visit Argentina in the winter may be just what you need!  Since Argentina is located in the Southern Hemisphere, its seasons are opposite of those countries located in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Winter months of June, July, and August are a great time to travel to Argentina. Argentina in the winter has varying climates, from mild temperatures in the north to frigid lows in the south. You can go skiing and trek mountains, or simply enjoy moderate temperatures during wine tasting tours. Here are some of our recommendations for places to visit in Argentina during the winter:

Puerto Madryn

One of our all-time-favorite Argentina excursions is limited by the season of the year. Whale-watching in Puerto Madryn is an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave you awestruck by the natural majesty of these gentle giants. During the months of June through early December, the native Southern Right Whales pass through Peninsula Valdes off the coast of Puerto Madryn on their annual migration from Antarctica towards warmer waters and potential mates near the equator. Because of the whales’ unique mating patterns, Argentina’s winter season is the only time to see the world’s largest mammal with your own eyes, and gain a whole new respect for the protection of this beautiful endangered species.

Northwest Argentina

If cold winters aren’t exactly your thing, you should definitely head to Northwest Argentina. Its desert climate does cool down significantly in the nighttime, however days are sunny and pleasant with a jacket. Take to the nature and explore colorful plateaus, shimmering salt flats, and spectacular views of the open country. You won’t overheat like you would visiting during summer months, so you can make the most of your daylight hours to hike around the rugged terrain.

Iguazu Falls

Similar to Northwest Argentina, Iguazu Falls is located in a part of the country that doesn’t have much of a winter season. In fact, Iguazu Falls has a tropical jungle climate, which means that the winter is simply less hot than the rest of the year. Actually, winter is one of the best times to visit because of the smaller crowds and slightly cooler temperatures (the weather is surprisingly quite perfect, unlike other points of the year when it can get unbearably hot). Take a few days to explore the vast national park and when you’re done check out some of the other top attractions in the area! Want to have all the info? Download this guide!


Just becacuse it’s winter in Argentina doesn’t mean that you can’t head to Patagonia. In fact, this famous region takes on a whole new rhythm in the winter. Visitors to Patagonia will get to enjoy the true Patagonian experience when visiting in winter months. Expect cold temperatures so bundle up accordingly! You can enjoy excellent skiing on Bariloche’s mountain Cerro Catedral and Ushuaia’s mountain Cerro Castor. The snow topped mountains are a winter wonderland, and every skier’s fantasy. You can also visit the Perito Moreno glacier, and go for a boat cruise to see the glaciers up close! 


Mendoza reaches moderately chilly temperatures in the winter months because it is located at the base of the Andes. This allows for cozy wine tastings where you can enjoy the best wineries, restaurants and day trips Mendoza has to offer without freezing! Skiing is also popular in the area, so make sure to plan a day to ski in the Andes Mountains, followed by a rich locally-made Malbec after a day of hitting the slopes. 

These are our suggestions for the best places to visit in Argentina during the winter. Contact Say Hueque to plan your trip now!

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