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Argentina Holidays: Celebrating Easter Holidays

Although Argentina guarantees religious freedom in its same constitution, it also recognizes supremacy of Catholicism, as over 77% of the citizens consider themselves part of this church. That’s why when Easter Holidays arrive and with them, the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, it’s the ideal occasion for Argentinians to embrace their faith and share their beliefs with each other.

Although, we all know that Easter means much more: no matter if you’re catholic, atheist, agnostic or a worshiper of another religion, in Argentina these free days are perfect to run away, make a trip, be with your family and, obviously, to enjoy tradition and gastronomic delights with them. So if you really want to get the most out of your Argentina holidays you shall do two things: find transportation and fill your belly.

During Holy Thursday, the roads to and from Buenos Aires are full of cars of locals who want to take the opportunity to escape the chaotic city and head to the mountains, the beach or destinations where they can join catholic celebrations for these four days.

One of the most famous of these celebrations takes place in the northwestern province of Formosa, which holds the Guinness record of the longest Via Crucis (the way of the cross) in the world. Surrounded by rivers, peaks, fauna and flora, religious and curious visitors have the chance of escorting a procession full of images of the virgin Mary and crucifixes throughout the three days, a 512 kilometer walk across the villages and beautiful sceneries of the province.

Meanwhile, during these days, pilgrimages take place all around the country. You just have to choose where to go. A great choice is to travel a couple of miles to the east of Formosa and visit the province of Jujuy, where peregrines play local music and share religious experiences while they carry the Virgin of Copacabana through the hills during an eight-hour journey that goes from the sanctuary of Punta Corral to Tilcara.

If what you’re looking for is a radically different adventure, your place to go is also located in the northeast of Argentina, this time in the province of Chubut, specifically Puerto Madryn. Widely known and visited for the legendary show held by the spectacular southern right whales from June to November, the city also celebrates a picturesque and inimitable submarine Via Crucis. Have you ever felt like carrying a 4-meter long cross 500 meters below sea level? Well, this is your moment!

If you don’t have the time to leave Buenos Aires or you just choose not to, no worries– there are plenty of things to do! Take delight in an even wider cultural offer than usual and go to theatres, projections, concerts and different expositions while you visit local restaurants and savor not only the already delicious Argentinian cuisine but the classic Easter dishes. If you’re lucky, you may be able to witness an unusual yet amusing event like the baking of a gigantic plait that took place last year in the crowded Avenida de Mayo. Who knows…

And eat!

If there’s one thing that Argentines like doing above all else is eating. It’s for this reason that the country is one of the best choices for lovers of gastronomy. Local or tourist, any time of the year can become the perfect excuse to celebrate with a traditional “asado” or gather with your loved ones in a restaurant and have a great piece of “bife” with a bottle of Malbec wine. Easter isn’t an exception: it’s an opportunity!

Besides the classic feasts, the most consumed delicacies are the Easter rosca and eggs (huevos de Pascua). These last ones are usually part of a game between family and friends where they hide the chocolate delights around the house or the garden for the rest of the group to find them. Furthermore, the “empanadas de vigilia”, normally made of tuna, and other fish dishes and stews are also typical meals for these days that will allow you to avoid the eating of meat without suffering the loss in excess.

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Written by Irene Valiente

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