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Argentina Food Classics: Buenos Aires Pizzerias

Buenos Aires is famous for it’s hearty meat but the local pizza joints will definitely give the bife a run for its money. If you are a pizza fan, you’re in luck, as the pizzerias of Buenos Aires are an Argentina food classic. Buenos Aires is known for its cuisine, and pizza is just another remarkable thing that is up on the list of places to visit in Argentina. Now we are not talking your classic Italian style slice, nor your thick base Chicago style crust, Buenos Aires has a whole other game going on when it comes to pizza talk. One of Argentina top tourist attractions is having a famous cheesy (and I mean cheesy) slice on Avenida Corrientes.

One of the places to visit in Argentina is the famous Guerrin Pizzeria, located on Avenida Corrientes in the heart of the theater district. Stand up, sit down and chug on a chop with a slice of the most delicious thick crusted, cheesy overloaded, chunky pizza this town has up for grabs. Whether you are feeling peckish or starving, the great thing about the classic pizzerias of Buenos Aires is you can select a slice or a few slices of different flavors and keep chowing down until your heart and belly are content. You can’t help but relive old Argentinean moments in this authentic and classic Argentina food experience. So sit down and watch taxi drivers, actors, celebs and locals get together and munch away on this delicious pizza.

Another pizzeria that will knock your socks off is El Cuartito. Hidden in the backstreets of Buenos Aires, this is one of Argentina’s best tourist attractions. If you are ever in need of Buenos Aires travel tips, El Cuartito is most definitely a place to go. Step back in time and discover a blast from the past. This classic pizzeria of Buenos Aires has been open since 1934 and offers visitors an authentic taste of Porteno life. Order a large glass of vino tinto (the bigger the better), a few slices of faina (a chick pea bread) which they absolutely love here and a large Napolitana and you are good to go-or stay for as long as you like as you watch the beautiful air of Buenos Aires pass you by.

If you are looking to travel to Argentina, you simply must endeavor in a slice of hearty Porteno pizza. If you don’t reach these two classic pizzerias, some other delicious options and  Buenos Aires travel tips are Las Cuartetas where you must try the béchamel-spinach pizza here and El Palacio de la Pizza or Kentucky. These unique pizzerias offer an eye opener to pizza-al-paso culture which is key to the classic Argentina food experience of eating pizza in Buenos Aires. Forget kebabs at 4am, here the real deal is a slice of mozzarella.

Be sure to take a break and indulge in the classic pizzerias of Buenos Aires at all hours. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or hangover cure, these classic hotspots will have you begging for more slices on your days off from your meaty diet.

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Written by Lauren Pringle

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