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Posted on 08/29/2018 Welcome to South America

Argentina Fashion: Dress Like A Local

Argentina is known as one of the most stylish countries in Latin America. With its European influence in cosmopolitan cities like Buenos Aires, Argentina fashion is on the rise. Young and old take pride in how they dress, indulge in beauty treatments, and always try to look their best. Popular trends are followed by both men and women, especially by young people. If you are looking to dress like a local, start to follow some of these insights into Argentina fashion!

Women’s Trends

Most Argentine women dress up quite nicely on a daily basis. They pay quite a bit of attention to makeup, hairstyles, nails, and fitness regimen. It is not common to leave the house in sweatpants or pajamas, however workout clothes are acceptable.

Argentina Fashion

Hair trends are also big, especially in Buenos Aires. The Keratin Shock came and went, and now “Botox” hair treatments are the new fad: you get a special serum put in and you leave it for 3 days before you can wash it out and experience the results (I’ve seen them first hand, and I have to get me one of those soon!). A more unique hairstyle trend is bangs: I’ve seen countless girls with extremely cropped bangs, hitting directly in the middle of the forehead or even closer to the hairline.

Argentina Fashion2

Cropped bangs are spreading through Argentina

Nighttime attire can range from extremely dressed up in high heels and a fancy cocktail dress, to more relaxed jeans and a cute top. Make sure to apply some winged eyeliner! 

One of the most distinctive Argentina fashion trends in major cities over the last two years has been the platform shoe. Platform shoes fill store windows, with a variety of designs and styles. Chunky wedges, platform boots and even sneakers, as well as birkenstock style sandals have fused brick-like platforms into their designs.

Argentina Fashion

Some variaton of this is everywhere during the summer!


The 90’s have come back full force with brightly colored leather leggings, choker necklaces, ombre colored hair, and plaid sweatshirts. Make sure to paid plenty of gold jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and spiky earrings to complete the glam-grunge look.

Argentina Fashion

The 90’s grunge look is taking over Argentina. The tattoo choker is a prime example of this trend!

Male Trends

Men are fashion forward and keep up with Argentina fashion trends. Although maybe not as focused on trends compared to women’s fashion, men do take time to dress up even if it is for a casual outing. Men are well groomed, most with trimmed beards and stylish haircuts. 

Office workers in Buenos Aires do dress up, although in summer months attire is more casual due to heat. Many workers wear half suits, although this depends on the specific company rules. Many companies have more relaxed policies like short-sleeve button ups, slacks, dark jeans, and coats.

Argentina Fashion 4

Casual wear for men is less dictated by current trends than women’s fashion. Classic items like jeans, hoodies, button-ups, leather shoes, sneakers, and v-necks tees are all popular. For a night on the town with friends, don’t expect to enter into a nice club or bar with a t-shirt and jeans. General requirements are button-up or collared shirt, formal shoes (no sneakers), and a nice jacket (no hoodies). It is better to dress fancier than more casual, you don’t want to be denied entrance!

Argentina Fashion

If you try and get into a club with flip-flops on, dont expect entrance!

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