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Posted on 12/17/2018 Tips & Recommendations

Argentina Destinations For Solo Travelers

Traveling solo without a question can be a challenging experience for everyone, and often we feel worried about the unknowns associated with it. But worry not, my friend! Argentina is a great place to travel solo. Why? Mostly because Argentinians are friendly and accommodating, which means they enjoy making new friends, talking to foreigners about their country, and asking questions about the countries they don’t know. Even though there are some destinations which are better for traveling solo, we strongly suggest choosing wherever you feel like, as you will always feel welcomed. BUT, if you are interested in our top choices for solo travelers, read on!

 <1) Buenos Aires

The vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Argentina has a mind-blowing effect on many visitors. Why? Making friends is a piece of cake; people are willing to help with anything you need and the friendly atmosphere is contagious. Whether you’re going to a Spanish class, visiting a language exchange bar, or just grabbing a drink at a regular local bar, finding Argentinians to chat with and make new acquaintances is the way to live in Buenos Aires. This city is the number one spot for solo traveling as it offers the most opportunities and spaces to socialize: cooking classes, shared-tables at bars and restaurants, tango dancing classes or shows… So come down and make some new mates!

 <2) El Chaltén

El Chaltén is Argentina’s hiking capital and the place where most hikers dream of traveling. After walking on your own for some hours, saying “Hi!” is the most natural thing to do on a trekking path, which can easily be followed by introductions, questions, etc. Though I would not say that making friends while hiking is as effortless as making friends in elementary school, sharing a common experience and being in a foreign country makes it uncomplicated and trouble-free to connect with others.

 3) Ushuaia

This a particularly pleasant location to visit, despite the fact that some people think the Patagonian cold freezes people’s charm. But for those who don’t get carried away by that kind of statement, let me tell you that the Argentine spirit of chattiness and friendship is still maintained in the southernmost city of the country. Making new acquaintances in group tours or during cruises, in particular, becomes an easy way to socialize throughout your whole Patagonian trip. Being in a boat makes everyone compelled to exchange some polite greeting, and later to ask some questions and hang around together in the warm interiors, exchanging impressions over the incredible surrounding view.

4) Mendoza

Traveling solo does not necessarily mean that one wants to make new acquaintances all the time. As a matter of fact, it can mean that a traveler wants to be alone, find themselves, and enjoy a healthy distance from the crowds. Mendoza offers the opportunity to take stunning and solitary bike tours around the vineyards to relax and reflect. But if you dig some company, there are arranged group tours to meet some fellow travelers and exchange opinions, and wine recommendations, in very good company.

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