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Argentina Attractions: Coolest Cathedrals Around the Country

Food, party, football and people are four of the most known and valued Argentina attractions, but there’s one that outstands them all: folklore. The country has an incomparable cultural offer thanks to the endless number of libraries, cinemas, theatres, concerts, exhibitions, museums and historic sites that you can find throughout its 2.780.400 square kilometers of surface area. Among these last ones rise six religious buildings that you cannot miss:

Cathedral Shrine of Lord and the Virgin of the Miracle in Salta

Thanks to its pale pink and yellow façade, its interior golden decorations, its museum, a pantheon that holds the remains of military heroes like Güemes, Alvarado and Arenales and its remarkable altar, in 1941 this catholic temple was declared a national monument. Considered to be one of the most beautiful buildings of the country, this Argentina attraction has a dramatic past: it had to be reconstructed in the XIXth century after being completely destroyed by an earthquake. But now, it’s waiting for your visit.

The Capuchinos Church in Cordoba

Located in the city center of the city, this Franciscan church has a remarkable neo-gothic architecture which attracts every person that walks by. Its great towers are not only unique in appearance but also in their hidden meaning: the “trunca” (truncated) one is incomplete and symbolizes that every material body dies, while the one that rises up to 53 meters above ground level represents the soul that rises to heaven. However, you might forget this curious story when you get inside and walk between statues, huge pink columns and blue domes with shiny golden stars as those from the unforgettable night skies of Cordoba. Does it surprise you that it is considered the first “artificial wonder” of the city?

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Cordoba

It seems like this city of the center of the country is the perfect crib for the nicest religious Argentina attractions, as it also has place for the oldest church in continuous service of the nation: the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cordoba. Although the construction of the building actually started at the end of the XVIth century, it wasn’t until 1709 and after avoiding an almost full collapse that the church was finally inaugurated. The interior of this outstanding cathedral is almost as impressive as its exterior design, which has definitely contributed to its becoming a National Historic Monument, a genuine architectural treasure and the landmark of the province.

Basilica of Our Lady of Lujan

Only 68 kilometers northwest of the capital of the country, a city known as “the capital of faith” harbors one of the most beautiful Argentina attractions: the Basilica of Our Lady of Lujan. Its 38 cm statue of the virgin is visited by more than six million pilgrims every year and thousands of tourists who are also taken by the charm and elegance of a neo-gothic catholic church which stands out for its imposing towers, both 106 meters high. Despite its deterioration and the fact that every winter it is threatened by a potential flood due to the intensity of the rains and the swelling of the river, the basilica continues to be one of the must-see churches in the country and probably in the whole continent.

Catedral of Our Lady of the Nahuel Huapi in San Carlos de Bariloche

Between the breathtaking landscapes, huge lakes, high mountains and endless forests of the most visited destination of the Patagonia, hides a cathedral that leaves every tourist blown away. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and clear blue skies, its aging bare white façade, black roof and needle-shaped bell tower have the power to make you forget about everything that surrounds you.  Enjoy the calmness of this austere in appearance construction that was built facing East in order to provoke amazing shadow games both with the inside glass windows and the outside towers. If you’re able to endure the low temperatures and heavy rains of the winter, you will be lucky to experience the striking beauty of a snow-covered neo-gothic cathedral.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Sorrows in La Plata

Towers that rise up to 112 meters above the ground, 7.000 square meters of ceiling, 89 windows, 56 images and 25 bells are waiting to overwhelm you only 58 kilometers away from Buenos Aires city. The imposing outside walls of the roman catholic cathedral of Our Lady of Sorrows in La Plata reveal the exceptional spirit of a remarkable Argentina attraction that chose to leave the naked bricks exposed to the public. Meanwhile, the inside shows an incomparable love for detail with a unique rosette, beautiful ornaments, cupolas and dazzling stained glassed windows. The fifth tallest church in America is unmissable.

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Written by Irene Valiente

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