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Posted on 09/23/2015 Inspirational Trips & News

A Unique Horseback Excursion to the Hidden Glaciers in Patagonia

Everyone loves the idea of seeing something hidden. Something out of the ordinary, hidden from normal sight is always intriguing and is a treat to either stumble upon or seek out. Closed-door restaurants, underground concerts, secret bars…you get the idea; who doesn’t love finding something hidden to the public?

Now, a trip to see glaciers in Patagonia sounds pretty spectacular, so is it possible to make something like this more special? What about a trip to see hidden glaciers in Patagonia? This new excursion allows you to take a horseback ride through the amazing scenery of Patagonia, through the lush greens of the Andes Mountains, past crystal-clear lagoons to the ultimate lookout: spotting glaciers that only very intentional travelers will find.

This excursion is only offered during high season (1st of October through the end of April), so you’ll want to take advantage of it while it’s still available! Located in The Glaciers National Park in El Calafate, participants will have a comfortable and serene stay in the Nibepo Aike ranch for this 4-day activity. Participants will get to experience a combination of horseback riding, trekking and camping, all while seeing the following hidden glaciers: Frias, Gorra, Grande y Dickson. These are easily some of the most breathtaking glaciers in Patagonia.

Upon arrival, you will be given the remainder of the day to explore the ranch by foot or on bicycles, or to relax after your day of travel. A hearty dinner will be provided to make you feel at home.

On the second day (first full day), you will horseback ride through deep forests and see the immense, hidden glacier Frias, as well as the lagoon “3rd of April,” home to flamingos, black-necked swans, ducks and all kinds of fish. This day you will eat a camp-style lunch and a dinner at the 3rd of April Lagoon campsite later that night. The checkpoint has 3 bunk beds as well as two benches that can be transformed into beds. There is also an ambiance of a dining room and kitchen. You will be able to relax here in the evening with a hot dinner, surrounded by the beautiful wildlife.

Day three, you will be riding south until you reach the “Balcony of the Glaciers.” Here, you will dismount from your horses and begin a hike on foot to reach the highest lookout point for an amazing panoramic view of the hidden glaciers. You will then continue your hike until you reach the Heart Lagoon, with such transparent waters that you will be able to see all the fish swimming around. You will pause for lunch here, and head back to the 3rd of April Lagoon (where the horses are) for dinner and to spend the night in your cozy checkpoint.

On the final day of the excursion, you will begin the 18km ride back to the ranch, where a traditional asado (barbecue) lunch will be waiting for you of local, Patagonian lamb. In the afternoon, you will be transferred back to El Calafate, where you can either choose to extend your adventure or head back home.

This is not your average trip: this new excursion will take you through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and you will get to appreciate it all from a new view: on horseback.

Take advantage of this opportunity by contacting Say Hueque as it is not offered all year long and is sure to be a trip of a lifetime! To see more glaciers in Patagonia and other amazing trip opportunities, check out more of our blog!

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