4 Patagonia Cruises That Will Blow You Away

Patagonia Travel Posted on 02/27/2020

Are you ready to replace the plane for a unique boat and sail throughout Patagonia? Do you feel like discovering the amazing variety of flora and fauna that cover the mountains, glaciers, deserts and grasslands of the iconic southern region of Chile and Argentina? What if you could literally travel to the end of the world? Here are some tips to choose the ideal Patagonia cruises for you. But don’t worry too much: we assure you that each one of them will blow you away.    

Four of the best cruises to Patagonia 

1. 4 days devoted to the Chilean Patagonia with Navimag

Don’t even think about it: jump on a ferry and enjoy the magic of the southernmost regions of Chile with Navimag.  During the four days and more than 2.000 kilometers that separate Puerto Montt from Puerto Natales, anything can happen. Watch how the sun rises and sets between the endless mountain ranges that spread throughout rivers and fiords.

Cross your fingers as soon as you get near the Pulluche channel: you may become one of the lucky travelers that gets to see the unstoppable “tonina” dolphins. If the weather gives you a break, don’t forget to disembark in the charming Puerto Edén, only accessible by boat. Maybe one of the 180 residents that live in the village know where the whales hide…

2. Fall in love with the Chilean glaciers with Skorpios

If you are a more passionate person and prefer to immerse yourself in one of the most special corners of the region, the ideal Patagonia cruise for you is Kaweskar, organized by Skorpios. Three nights lost in a 380-mile journey in which you will be overwhelmed by the unique colors of nothing short of 15 glaciers on the Chilean side. Herman, El Brujo, Bernal, Amalia and Fiordo Calvo are waiting for you to navigate among them.

Forget about the numbness you’ll probably feel in your feet, hands and nose: put on your best mountain boots and be ready for an expedition during which you’ll walk between one of the last jungles of the world that remains untouched and get so near those unique gigantic pieces of ice you’ll almost be able to touch them.

Australis Cruise - Patagonia

3. Sleep next to Perito Moreno thanks to Marpatag

We can’t talk about amazing Patagonia cruises without taking into account Marpatag. Go around the Argentinian side and experience one of the most astounding glaciers of the world: Perito Moreno.

Sail through bays and mountains where you will witness the wide range of exceptional colors that the region is willing to offer you.

Not only will you experience the intense blue of gigantic masses like Perito, Upsala, Spegazzini, Mayo or Negro, but also the dazzling mix of red and orange sunsets that announce what might be the blackest, darkest and clearest skies you’ll probably ever see. Many can say they have watched, listened, enjoyed and even walked on a glacier. But sleep next to one? I don’t think so.

4. Reach the end of the world with Mare Australis

Become an authentic explorer for seven nights in an expedition to the end of the world with one of best Patagonia cruises: Mare Australis. The Darwin route allows you to discover both sides of the Patagonia as it takes you through the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel and around the iconic Cape Horn, where you will observe the Atlantic and Pacific oceans colliding.

The immensity of the bays, fiords and glaciers contrasts with the smaller but equally thrilling details like the lagoons, birds, trees, and, of course, the tiny adorable occupants of Magdalena Island: the penguins. A real adventure that will definitely leave you without words. Do you think you’re fit for it?

Australis Cruise - Patagonia

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Written by Irene Valiente


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