7 Most Incredible Glaciers in Patagonia

Patagonia Travel Posted on 12/02/2019

Patagonia is packed with natural beauty, a host to some of the most breathtaking glaciers. With these glaciers dramatically set between jagged rocks sweeping down into cobalt lagoons, Patagonia is nothing short of nature’s haven. Travelers from all over the world journey here to hike or take a cruise to feast their eyes on the array of glaciers in this region. If your next expedition is set to Argentina, we recommend planning to witness at least a few of these 7 most incredible Glaciers in Patagonia!

Updated to April 2024

1. Perito Moreno

Heralded the 8th wonder of the world, this spectacular piece of ice nestled among forests and mountains is a sight to behold. It proudly stands at over 250 sq km in size and is deemed one of the most important glaciers of the region and the only advancing one too. It is recommended you take a cruise to appreciate this stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site at length and take in the panoramic views of its 80 m tall ice walls!

Glaciers in Patagonia

2. Ameghino

This retreating glacier was named after Carlos Ameghino, an Argentine who made several escapades to this region in search of fossils. 35 meters high, this glacier halts at Lake Ameghino. To capture the best views of this glacier, take a boat cruise out into the lake.

3. Upsala

South America’s largest glacier is striking with its magnificent crystalline beauty. 60 km long and 10 km wide, this site is a must-see. You can take in the stunning views of this glacier through a boat cruise or a hike with a local mountain guide to witness some of the most amazing glimpses of Upsala.

Glaciers in Patagonia

4. Spegazzini

Named after the botanist Carlos Spegazzini, this glacier is known for producing stunning icebergs of all shapes and colors! 130 m above sea level, this glacier boasts of being the highest in the Los Glaciares National Park. Its surroundings add to its beauty, rendering it a must-see! Book a boat tour to weave between dramatic icebergs to catch a glimpse of this stunning work of nature.

5. Torre Glacier

A treat for hikers, Torre Glacier is above Laguna Torre which allows visitors stunning views of Los Glaciares National Park. Near Cerro Torre, a famous trekking attraction, hikers can stop by to see this glacier and its stunning lagoon.

6. Grey Glacier

Boasting unique beauty, this massive glacier is divided into two by a piece of land. Visitors who want to revel in the beauty of the landscape can tread this island to take in the breathtaking surroundings. Or better yet, ice hike on this glacier for maximum adventure!

Torres del Paine - Grey Glacier

7. Glaciar Grande

This huge glacier is one of the many scintillating glaciers found in Los Glaciares National Park. Best accessed from El Chalten, at the base of Mt. Fitz Roy, hikers can excavate maximum enjoyment by taking a day hike up to Glaciar Grande.

Let yourself be seduced by these Patagonian Glaciers! To start planning your trip to Patagonia you can check out all our itineraries. Or talk to one of our travel experts and start planning your adventure.

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