5 Touring Experience to Enjoy in Argentina and Chile in Your 50´s

Argentina Travel Chile Travel Posted on 08/06/2018

Has travelling always been on your bucket list? Yet, fifty years have gone by without a stamp in your passport.

50s can be the new 20s if you are young at heart and have a lively spirit. You just need the perfect vacation spots to unleash your inner traveler. The youth might want to travel to Instagram-worthy sights but you probably want something that satisfies the soul too.

Travelling has never been ageist. So why should you? Satisfy your wanderlust cravings and enjoy these 5 Touring Experience to Enjoy in Argentina and Chile in Your 50´s.


1.      Roll with nature in Cordoba.

If you are looking for a peaceful trip with nature by your side then you should drive through Cordoba.  Dramatic hills frame your journey as you stop by the quaint villages, quiet flowing rivers and lush green woods.

2.      Get acquainted with the natives.

Peninsula Valdes and Puerto Madryn are habitats of Argentina’s native beautiful animals. Take your own wilderness safari and spot the peaceful Franca Whale, thouands sea elephants and sea lions, funny dolphins, killer whales and Magellanic penguins along the vast land and south coasts of Argentina.

3. Get intoxicated by the vineyards of Mendoza.

The vineyards sprawling across the city and the peaks of Andes invite you to experience a gastronomic adventure and a natural one, if you dare. You can spend two or three days in Mendoza: tasting wine, biking on the cobbled streets and hiking on the mountainous peaks of this gorgeous city.

4.  Prepare your camera for breathtaking Northwest!

The region around Salta is the best place to hit the road! Once you enjoy remarkable museums, plazaside cafes and the live folkloric music of its vibrant peñas (folk-music clubs) in Salta, the natural beauty of the area is revealed: spectacular scenery of Andean peaks, red-rock valleys, beautiful vineyards, delicious food, impressive salt deserts and gorgeous towns. The entire area is breathtakingly scenic.


5.      Visit the concrete jungle.

Santiago’s perfect location allows you to travel to the coastal towns on the edges of the city and taste the wines extracted from Maipo Valley. If you want to stay in the city, hop on and off the capital in a double-decker bus tour. The tour hits thirteen popular tourist spots in one day! Enjoy Santiago de Chile energetic metropolis, sophisticated, and bursting with life.

Go book those tickets and become the globetrotter you had always wanted to be!

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