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5 Things to do in Rio de Janeiro

Looking for things to do in Rio de Janeiro? Rio is truly a ‘city of contrast’. Contrary to the popular belief, it has a lot more to offer than just exotic beaches. It is defined by its breathtaking landscapes, colorful, complex culture and unique architecture. Scroll down to read about 5 must do in Rio, apart from tanning at the beach!

1.    Christ the Redeemer

A trip to Rio is incomplete without visiting the iconic Christ the Redeemer.  Created by French sculptor Paul Landowski, the statue has become an icon for Brazil. When picturing Rio, it is the first thing that comes to minds. With its arms outstretched, the statue silently overlooks the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Moreover, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Standing proud, at the Peak of Corcovado Mountain, Christo Redentor has become a symbol of Christianity all around the world. To pay a visit to this sacred monument, you can hike up a mountain, take a bus or enjoy a lovely train ride.

2.    Sugarloaf Mountain

This one is for the nature lovers. The Sugarloaf Mountain rises 396m high to contribute to the picturesque beauty of the city’s skyline. As the name suggests, the mountain is shaped like a loaf of sugar. You can either experience the thrilling cable car ride, dangling at a frightening height, or follow the hiking trail to reach the top. The spot offers a spectacular view of the city that is not to be missed!

3.    Santa Marta Favela Tour

Take a favela tour to get an insight into the intriguing culture of Brazil and the lives of the natives. This is where you can experience Brazil in its true, most vulnerable form. The dark history of favelas, revolving around gang wars and drug lords, make them an interesting and inspiring place to visit.

4.    Helicopter Flight

From urban sprawl, jungles, ocean, beaches and colorful hillside favelas, Brazil has it all! The only way to truly admire the diversity and scope of the city is by experiencing it through a helicopter ride. If there’s one city in the world that you must take a helicopter ride in, it is Rio de Janeiro.

5.    Museum, Churches and Monasteries

Rio has a lot more to offer than just beaches and beautiful landscapes. You can find the Museum of Tomorrow on the waterfront of downtown Rio. The museum is devoted to promoting environmental degradation and climate disasters.

Furthermore, downtown Rio is dotted with a number of churches and monasteries that will leave you marveling at the unique architecture and intricate arts and sculptures.

So, are you ready to experience the city of Rio de Janeiro? Check our webpage for more information about this or other destination in South America!

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