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Posted on 12/08/2017 Tips & Recommendations

5 Things You Can’t Miss in Salta, Argentina

Located in the Northwestern region of Argentina, Salta has emerged as a famous tourist attraction over the past years. Best described as a fusion of modern and traditional culture, this eclectic city has developed to cater to tourists but has also managed to preserve its historical architecture and culture more than any other Argentine city! What renders this city its charm is that while it has progressed, it still maintains its slow paced vibe. After you get past the surface, there is lots of natural scenery and adventure that you can experience. To make your next trip to Salta memorable, here is a list of 5 things you must do if you want to excavate maximum enjoyment from this amazing little city!

1.  Visit Museo Arqueologia de Alta Montana

Famously known as MAAM, this museum is home to the jaw dropping discovery of mummified Inca children with the museum displaying one mummy at a time.  Since this city is known for its memorable history, make sure you visit its most renowned museum. Although the museum is small, it has lots of artifacts that provide greater insight into the Incan culture with English descriptions to satisfy your thirst for some archaeology.

2.  Stroll at Plaza 9 de Julio

Your trip to Salta is NOT complete without taking a leisurely stroll to Plaza 9 de Julio. This square is at the very heart of the city and is deemed the great people watching spot. Visit the plaza to experience the camaraderie:  tourists having picnics, visiting markets and drinking at the nearby bars. Take in the lively street dancing and marvel at the quaint buildings. This place also holds historical significance as it dates back to 1783 and is host to a number of architectural buildings including the Cathedral, town Hall and MAAM.  Enjoy a scrumptious dinner with drinks as you enjoy the lively mood of the plaza.

3.  Visit the Town of Cafayate

You absolutely cannot miss this amazing wine town of Salta, Cafayate! This place lies in the gorgeous Calchaquí Valleys, which means you’ll be able to enjoy a pleasant ride as you commute there, taking in the scenery as well. Cafayate is popular for their delicious white wines so do taste this exquisite wine that promises to make a fan out of you even if you don’t like white wine! This place is host to a number of parrilla restaurants that serve this specialty wine with food. Moreover, you can relish the taste of their wine infused ice cream at a traditional Gelato shop.

4.  Attend a Peña

Salta is famous for its peñas, ‘folk concerts’. While you’re here, it is highly recommended you go and attend a local peña to get a taste of their culture! Indulge in the delicious local cuisine while experiencing folkloric music and dance. What lends this event even greater significance is that it’s not just performed for tourists but as an integral part of the local tradition!  Keep a lookout for Salta’s most famous Peñas like Los Gauchos de Güemes o Balderrama which combine some of the best performances!

5.  Trip to La Quebrada de San Lorenzo

If you seek adventure, explore the rest of the Andes area. At the suburb of San Lorenzo, you can take in the natural surroundings by hiking along some of the paths or enjoying a horseback ride. With scenic views of waterfalls, this place will not disappoint you. Satisfy your craving for some quintessential Argentine food at one of the grills offering an asado while enjoying the lush nature surrounding you.

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