5 Remarkable Animals in Peru

South America Travel Posted on 02/06/2018

With exotic birds, big cats, and other wildlife that stares back at you, animals in Peru are a whole trip. In addition to the beautiful foliage, mountains, and mysterious human architecture, this country has plentiful wildlife to offer as well. If you wish to see some unique and unusual animals, be prepared to fly to Peru. Here are some of the animals in Peru you are guaranteed to encounter.

1. Macaw Parrots, the Peruvian animal beauty

With colors as deep and as wild as the Peruvian tropical sunset, the blue and gold Macaw parrots will leave you speechless with their beauty. You’ll find them gulping down the mineral-rich clay in abundance as you explore the Tambopata National Reserve located in the biodiversity capital of Peru. However, keep your eyes peeled because you can also catch them soaring through the sky, and you´re in luck because it´s hard to miss their bright and bold feathers. Their flying flock truly is a sight to see. They return to their roosting trees at sunset for all to see, captivating all who happen across them.

2. Andean Condors

Trekking adventure in the Andes

Peru often ranks as one of the top destinations among the best bird-watching regions in the world. It is also ranked the second highest with regard to its diverse bird populations. Bird watching is ten times better in Peru than in any other country because you could find yourself – at any time of day.

While birding in Peru, you can find birds that you have never seen, or even some that you´ve never even heard of before. That’s how rich Peru is with different species of birds. One such unique bird found in Peru is the Andean Condor. This bird is the heaviest in the world and also one of the largest flying birds to date. It has bright colors and can be found jumping from branch to branch deep in the Andean cloud forest.

3. Giant Otters

Do you think otters are cute? Well, imagine a Giant Otter. These beasts can be found in Peru’s Amazon. These otters are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. They are extremely nosy, messy and territorial.  Because of their strong presence, they can come across as scary at times, but nonetheless, they are definitely a site to see. Keep your eyes peeled to see them munching on large fish to really observe the best of the Giant Otter.

4. Animals in Perú, Humboldt Penguins too!

Who said you need to head to Antarctica to meet the penguins?  A visit to Peru will cross that cute meeting off your bucket list just the same. Coastal Peru is home to Humboldt Penguins! In fact, you can only find Humboldt Penguins on the pacific coast of South America. However, the Humboldt Penguins found in Peru are quickly becoming endangered, so meet these handsome creatures before they completely vanish.

5. Amazon River Dolphins

animals in peru

If the water is more your environment, perhaps you´ll want to say hello to friendly dolphins. I bet you didn’t know that Peru has dolphins too, which creates fun for the whole family. These dolphins are an extra site to see though because they are pink! Everyone is bound to fall in love with the pink dolphins that are often found swimming in the Amazon Basin, happily greeting visitors. This seemingly Barbie-inspired dolphin actually has 40% more brain capacity than a normal human.

In addition to this interesting animal, be prepared to come face to face with the red eyes of the Caiman peeking out from the Tambopata River. You’ll also see a number of squirrel monkeys hopping from tree to tree as if they were flying. The Blue Morpho butterflies and red-bellied piranhas also call the Peruvian Amazon home. 

At least one thing is for sure: a visit to Peru is very, very different from a visit to a regular zoo. If you would like a close encounter with all these animals in Peru, check out our tours.

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