5 Best Places to Visit in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 02/17/2022

The best places to visit in Argentina include amazing nature and off-the-beaten-path tracks. Read about our local best attractions in Argentina and update your travel bucket list. Find out where to see glaciers, penguins, great falls and more!

1. Best places to visit in Argentina: Patagonia

Where to travel: El Calafate

Glaciers National Park & Estancia Cristina

One of the best places to visit in Argentina is the Perito Moreno which is worth the visit to El Calafate. But, there is much more to see inside Glaciers National Park. And Estancia Cristina is an exclusive spot inside the park. 

Let’s see why.

To reach the estancia you will take a boat through Argentina Lake and then descend in a private port owned by the estancia. Once you get there, you will have access to landscapes that regular visitors of Perito Moreno can’t see. 

Then, if you choose to stay in Estancia for a few days (yes, you definitely should!) you will enjoy premium service and adventure experiences like horseback riding and 4WD trails. 

Finally, there is no better place than an estancia to soak up the local culture of the gaucho in Argentina. Estancia Cristina will make you feel like a pioneer of Patagonia. 

There are many options to travel to Patagonia so the best is to tailor the trip.

Estancia Cristina in El Calafate

Where to travel: Puerto Madryn

Whales, penguins, and sustainable lodging

Bahía Bustamante, Bustamante Bay, near Península Valdés, where regular travelers trip to see whales, penguins, and sea lions. The traditional visit includes short navigation when whales are around, and a visit to a penguin rookery called Punta Tombo.

However, the off-the-beaten wildlife experience is available for those who stay in Bahía Bustamante Lodge, an isolated paradise. And by isolated, we truly mean “disconnected from the world”.

First, Bahía Bustamante has an electricity-reduced policy for all travelers staying at the lodge. This means that from a couple of hours during the afternoon until morning, Wi-Fi and electricity, in general, are reduced.

Although it may seem scary for some, there is a good reason, and it has to do with sustainable travel and protecting the natural resources of the area.

Second, lodging in the Bahía you will have access to exclusive visits to the marine wildlife that surrounds the lodge. Beaches and petrified forests, archeological remains, and rural activities are all available to make you happy. 

2. Best places to visit in Argentina: Iguazú

Where to travel: Puerto Iguazú

Luxury lodging inside Iguazú National Park 

Our second best place to visit in Argentina after Patagonia is Iguazú Falls, one of our most international destinations, available all year round.

Regular travelers buy access to Iguazú National Park and visit the falls during the day. This is easy because numerous catwalks lead you in and out of the jungle.

However, around 6 p.m., the park closes its doors to the general public, just when the spectacle begins and wildlife awakens inside the park!

There is only one luxury lodge inside the park. And it is the place where you’ll be staying during your visit to Iguazú.

Now, let’s talk about the perks travelers enjoy by staying inside the park.

First, a 5-star hotel quality service. Second, only the visitors staying in the hotel can wander the catwalks at night. Of course, not all areas are available for security reasons, but there are enough not to get bored! Finally, enjoy nature in its highest expression by seeing the moon over the rumbling falls. An out-of-this-world experience you will never forget. 

Luxury accommodation in Iguazu Falls.

3. Best places to visit in Esteros del Iberá

Where to travel: Province of Entre Ríos, North East Argentina

Wetlands and Wildlife of Esteros del Iberá

Almost no one knows that Esteros del Iberá, Iberá Wetlands, is the most exciting place to see in Argentina if you’re looking for adventure and wildlife immersive experiences! Let’s see why you should consider Iberá as your next trip.

First, because Iberá is a huge natural reserve where you can enjoy boat trips among giant camalotes, horseback aquatic experiences, and spot deers, capybaras, and caymans!

Second, it is one of the most important wildlife preservation reserves in Argentina. That is to say, you will have access to some of the conservation activities inside the park. And you will learn about the last species saved by the professionals of the area, like the Aguaraguasu, a giant red-leg fox.

Although you can stay in the neighboring town, Carlos Pellegrini, if you want to live the full Iberá experience -nocturnal outings included- you must lodge inside the park. And we can tell you when and where!

Iberá Wetlands can be easily combined with more traditional destinations like Salta, Jujuy and Iguazú Falls. All these attractions belong to the Northern region of Argentina.

Ibera wetlands and its wildlife

4. Best places to visit in Buenos Aires

Where to travel: Buenos Aires International Airport

A plant-covered Southern Venice, Delta del Tigre 

Buenos Aires itself is the most famous destination in Argentina, however, there are so many hidden places in the city that only a local guide can show you- Hidden libraries, historic alleys, unfrequented architectural marvels, and speakeasy bars.

But, there is one place regular travelers do not include in their 3-day stay in the capital and you should! Not only because it is a natural fascinating environment but because it is an important part of Argentina’s history.

Of course, we are talking about the Delta del Tigre, a branch of the Paraná River, the same you can see in Iguazú. This is an easy one-day visit from the city, where you can enjoy kayaking between our own little Venice. 

How come? Some people live in the Delta of Tigre, they own their boats and have a normal neighbor’s life. 

Finally, we have said this place is important for local history because in Tigre you can also discover the house of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, father of education and national hero, and the outstanding 1912 manor where the Art Museum of Tigre features important collections of 19th and 20th-century Argentinian artists.

Delta del Tigre is a beautiful visit to combine with other nautical adventure destinations of Argentina like Patagonia and Iguazú Falls. This is a real out-of-the-box experience.

Kayak in Delta del Tigre Buenos Aires.

5. Buenos Aires and the  Best places to visit in Mendoza

Where to travel: Mendoza city

Mendoza and boutique wines 

Mendoza is a beautiful relaxing vacation destination. Wines in Argentina are produced in the Cuyo region (middle of the country) and the weather goes from dry to cold to sunny and warm temperatures. 

Take 2 or 3 days to stay in Mendoza, book a boutique hotel in a vineyard, and enjoy the amazing Andes views while enjoying gourmet cuisine. Top attractions of Mendoza include wine tours to learn about Argentine wine philosophy and the wine production chain.

However, Mendoza is also famous for its adventure tours. Rafting in white rapids, horseback, and bike riding on mountains or vineyards, canopy, and more. Andes Mountain Range and Aconcagua Mountain viewpoints are also important natural treasures of the region.

A trip to Mendoza can be easily combined with destinations both north and south of Argentina.  

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