5 Kid-Friendly Museums in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/19/2018

Argentina is one of the most perfect places for a family to spend some quality time together. The outdoor activities, the natural attractions, the rich history, and the culture make this country absolutely family friendly. Argentina is a parent-approved country, and if you are planning a trip, make sure to visit these Kid-Friendly Museums

Updated to April 2024

1. Museo de Los Niños

Museo de Los Niños is located on the entire upper floor of Buenos Aires’ Abasto Shopping center. This children’s museum is a miniature city filled with fun, kid-sized activities. In this interactive Museo, your kids can play make-believe and run the very city by taking up professions. In Museo de Los Niños, kids can pretend to be bus drivers, radio announcers, TV presenters, doctors, cooks, builders and many other different professions.

The museum is so entertaining for kids, that they can spend several hours there as you enjoy shopping at one of the best malls in Buenos Aires. This museum guarantees a fun time for the whole family.

2. Caminito Street

Caminito is a charming little street which serves as a museum in the downtown neighborhood of La Boca, Argentina. Caminito itself means little walkway or little path in Spanish. This street museum and the traditional alley are loved by the young tourists who enjoy fanfare, souvenir shopping, street tango and photo ops among many other things. And when you and the young ones are exhausted after so much fun, this street also offers tasty snacks and a couple of restaurants for a complete meal. This outdoor museum is as entertaining for adults as it is for kids and gives you a taste of argentine culture.

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3. National History Museum

The National History Museum is located in one of the gorgeous parks of Buenos Aires, the Parque Lezama. This museum is located among winding paths, palm trees, magnolias, and other greenery. It showcases 400 years of fine art history. Additionally, this museum also exhibits 50,000 items. These items include documents, regalia, furnishings, paintings, and belongings native to Argentina and not.

4. Museo Prohibido No Tocar

Museo Prohibido No Tocar (No touching is prohibited) is just the museum for kids who are extraordinarily curious.  While the name of the museum implies that you can’t play with anything, it’s actually a play on words that encourages the kids to touch everything.  This museum is located in the quiet neighborhood of Recoleta and is one of the most fascinating and interactive museums for parents as well as their inquisitive kids.

5. La Bombonera Stadium

If you are a family that loves soccer then this stadium and museum is for you all. Boca Juniors’ La Bombonera Stadium is one of the most famous stadiums in Argentina. The stadium also has a museum that exhibits the history of some of the most legendary Argentinean football players.  This stadium is a must-visit destination for a football-fanatic family.

No need to worry about babysitters or leaving your young ones behind, when Argentina has everything set up for you and your little ones.

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