5 Hidden Treasures in Chilean Patagonia

Patagonia Travel Chile Travel Posted on 09/13/2018

What is the first place that pops up in your mind when we say Patagonia?

Torres Del Paine, Chile’s natural wonderland.

It is famous for its glistening glaciers, gorgeous terrains and all other kinds of magnificent views that nature can provide. The vast open landscapes offer you all the opportunities you need to travel, trek and hike to your heart’s content.

It is all good until it becomes too crowded.

Therefore, if you are looking for pieces of Patagonia’s Paradise for your own then don’t worry we have got your back.

Here are five hidden gems of Chilean Patagonia that less crowded:

Marble Caves- Nature’s Masterpiece

It took the tides around the cave 6000 years to carve this intricate structure of the Marble Caves. This is yet another proof that Nature is truly the most skilled artist man has seen.

The lone sculpture stands on the glacial waters of Carrera Lake. This is just a boat ride away from Puerto Tranquilo. Yet, many people do not make an effort to go visit here. This is why you will have the chance of visiting this Marble Cathedral without intrusion.

Caleta Tortel- The Lost Village

This old fishing village is tucked between the icy fields of Rio Baker. History tells us that it was the original residence of the ancestors of the canoe-wanderers the Alacalufe. This powerful tribe and their hideaway were able to resist colonization till the mid-1950s.

Although the tiny village has become a historical site it still remains untouched. Many believe it is because of the unpaved paths or the whispers of the past tribes that still haunt it.

Jemineni Lake National Reserve- The Rival

This picturesque reserve has been long overshadowed by the hype created around the scenic beauties of Torres Del Paine. It may be a smaller, remoter nature retreat. Yet, it is just as beautiful as the southern counterpart.

The region has steep terrains to climb on, a wonderful wildlife to watch and tranquil milky waters to glide through. In short, every eye-pleasing sight on your wishlist.

Villa Cerro Castillo- The Residence of Natural Beauty

We admit this little hiker’s haunt also promises to be the ‘next Torres Del Paine’. The jagged basalt spires watch over a trail that is dotted with glaciers, greenery, and steep peaks. If you get tired of all the hiking, you may take a short walk to the caves in Aleros de las Manos. This ancient residential spot is still marked with pre-Columbian paintings and handprints that have been preserved by time.

The best part is that you will barely find tourists in this area. This is due to the fact that the park recently opened in 2017.


Northern Patagonia- The Neglected Child

Yes, most of the spots on this list are from this same region.

However, we had to mention it as a whole. This is because this side of Patagonia is super underrated and mostly ignored. Moreover, it has all the elements to become an explorer’s playground. You can go off the trail and stumble upon breathtaking sites no one knows about.

Are you ready to go on this scavenger hunt?

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