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The 5 Best National Parks in Chile

If you are planning your next memorable vacation, then Chile can be the perfect country to go to. It has a terrific climate to experience and some of the most amazing places to visit like deserts and national parks.

And if you are planning for a vacation with your family and friends then the national parks can be absolutely lot of fun and a must visit! Wondering which one to go to first?

Well, here’s a list of the five best national parks that you must explore. Have a look!

1.     Rapu Nui National Park

Rapu Nui national park is also commonly known as Easter Island. Its enormous stone statues, known as, moai and its beautiful shrines make this park worth visiting.

All the extraordinary architecture and sculptures of the park were created by the early Rapa Nui people around 300 A.D. The park offers a unique representation of the Rapa Nui culture.

Do you know that the extraordinary landscape is not only a prized national park but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its mesmerizing cultural significance? Hence, a visit to this park will not only prove to be fun but informative too.

2.     Torres Del Paine National Park

This park is one of the largest and the most visited Chilean National parks. After all, it has some of the most stunning landscape that is worth seeing!

If you go to this place you will find the scenic blue glaciers, high granite peaks of the Paine Massif, spectacular waterfalls, exquisite lagoons and lakes. Moreover, you will come across the urban wildlife like foxes, South Andean deer, Pumas, and the Andean Condor.

3.     Chiloe National Park

Chiloe National Park is definitely a worth visiting park because of its amazing wildlife. It is mainly dominated by Valdilvian forests which are popularly known for the small deer- pudu and Darwin’s fox. Besides that, the park is a home to many leopard seals, flamingos, finbacks, humpbacks, penguins and blue whales.

Moreover, there are many diverse landscapes such as dunes, swamps and peat bogs which will mesmerize you with their astounding beauty.

4.     Le Campana National Park

Although this park is small in its size, it features some of the most remarkable sights. A fun fact for you:  Charles Darwin climbed one of its 6,000 foot high mountains!

Like Darwin if you want to experience fun sports like hiking then you may be happy to know that this place offers its tourist the best hiking trail.

5.     Laguna San Rafael National Park

This park was formed by the retreat of a glacier named San Rafael…which explains how the park got its name.

If you are one of those marine wildlife lovers then this park can be worth visiting as the place is home to an array of water animals; such as, Chilean dolphins, sea otters, and elephant seals.  Also, the park is famous for cruising which gives you another reason to make a visit there!

Owing to the pristine landscapes and unique wildlife, the national parks of Chile are undoubtedly beautiful. So, enjoy your holidays by planning a trip to Chile today!

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