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The 5 Best Mendoza Wineries

If you’re a wine lover, it probably goes without saying that you need to put Argentina on your travel list, but if you’re not totally in love with this delicious drink just yet, we are confident that Argentina will change your mind. We have many provinces which specialize in the art and science of the vine culture and are responsible for the magic that is produced in the country (Mendoza, Salta, San Juan, Río Negro, La Rioja and Catamarca).

The Mendoza province produces more than 60% of all Argentine wine and is the source of an even higher percentage of total wine exports. Due to the high altitude and low humidity of the main wine producing regions, Argentine vineyards rarely face the problems of insects, fungi, molds and other grape diseases that affect vineyards in other countries. This allows for cultivation with little or no pesticides, enabling even organic wines to be easily produced.

The expansive region of Mendoza is famous for both its high quality wine and gastronomy. Wine lovers around the world fantasize about one day sipping on a world-renowned Malbec at one of the many Mendoza wineries set against the stunning backdrop of the Andes Mountains. Mendoza’s best wine-growing region is situated 4,000 feet high in the Andes, making it one of the highest altitude wine regions in the world. As Mendoza is home to many specialized areas filled with a mix of traditional and modern Mendoza wineries, planning a trip is exciting for both the first-time and frequent visitor. Here are some of the highlights from the expansive selection of famed Mendoza wineries.


Located on a massive  5,000 acre private estate, Salentein strives to respect tradition, nature and the wine community, all while creating high-quality Argentine wine. The cellar and winery itself are created from local and traditional materials combined with state of the art equipment for production. Stroll through their extensive art gallery before heading to the gourmet restaurant to try your wine pairings. They produce cabernet, malbec, merlot, pinot noir and sauvignon blanc.

Also, Salentein was the first Argentine bodega to identify and reduce their own carbon footprint from the growth of the grape to the distribution to the consumer, earning them The Carbon Trust Standard certification of the United Kingdom recognizing their sustainable production practices.

Pulenta Estate

When we think of family tradition, we immediately think of Pulenta Estate.  The original Pulenta family immigrated from Italy with viticulture in their veins, a fact confirmed by the  three generations of owners and workers who have lovingly continued the wine-producing trade of their ancestors. The family is proud of their heritage and wants visitors to feel their passion for what they do and what they produce. Their mission is to think first about the visitor, the person who is tasting their wine, and to consistently produce a limited amount of great wine, proudly made in Argentina. They produce sauvignon blanc, malbec, malbec rosé, cabernet sauvignon and blends.

Ruca Malen

This is the dream come true of Jean Pierre Thibaud and Jacques Louis de Montalembert, two wine enthusiasts and business men that found beauty and love in the art of winemaking. Commited to create wines with style, elegance, and distinction, they have devoted more than twenty years to creating some remarkable cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, malbec and petit verdot. Their quality and success has been acknowledged by The New York Times, Jancis Robinson and The Wine Advocate, among others.

Familia Zuccardi

As the name suggests, this is a family business. Originally founded in 1963 by the engineer Alberto Zuccardi, and currently managed by his descendants, this winery features three well-known brands: Malamado, Santa Julia y Zuccardi. Their wine portfolio offers a wide range of varieties in both white and red wine.

In addition to the more traditional visits to their cellars, the winery and visitor center offer multiple interactive activities such as allowing you to take part in the harvest, help prune the vineyards, try a tasting course, and even tour the estate in an antique car or a hot air balloon!

O. Fournier

The ultra-modern O. Fournier winery is located in the Uco Valley, a star wine-production region in the Andes. They focus on sustainable vine and grape management, in particular by limiting the use of fertilizers, chemical treatments, and irrigation, green harvesting, and harvesting the grapes by hand with the company’s own workers. What else does a winery built at 4,000 feet have to offer? Mountain peaks, stunning views, and an unbeatable perspective on the region are just a few perks. This is a large winery with stunning modern architecture, a delicious tasting menu, and a serene restaurant set at the edge of a small pond with views of the Andes. We recommend trying their syrah or red blends.

To find out more about Mendoza wineries or to start planning your trip to Mendoza today, contact Say Hueque Argentina tours!

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