5 Affordable Trips to Argentina and Beyond

Argentina Travel Posted on 10/14/2015

We know we know: the idea of a vacation in and of itself makes your wallet cringe. It’s redundant to go on vacation when you’re worrying too much about the budget to actually enjoy your surroundings. Whether it’s with your whole family, just one other person, or a solo trip, the commercialized “getaway” has many, many dollar signs in front of it. Add an international vaca on top of that, and you think you’ll probably be close to bankruptcy. Well, let me tell you, that’s not always the case.

For example, is Argentina cheap to visit? Argentina, and South America in general, have much more affordable vacation opportunities than, say, Las Vegas, Australia, Europe, etc. Even a trip to Disney World could end up being much pricier than a trip to see glaciers in Patagonia. It’s all about where you go and who you book your tours with. Still, wondering if is Argentina cheap to visit?

Here we’ve laid out for you 5 extremely affordable trips to Argentina that take you into the exotic and drastic terrain of our country, Chile and Bolivia without forcing you to give up your kids’ college funds.

1. Salta and Jujuy – Explore Salta & Jujuy (6 days)

On the Tour Salta and Jujuy – Best of the Northwest trip, you will quickly discover why Salta is known locally as, “La Linda” (The Beautiful). One of the best-preserved colonial cities, Salta is the perfect base for your adventures in the northwest of Argentina. Tour the stunning Humahuaca Gorge and giant Salt Flats on the Safari to the Cloud adventure, and discover the local culture of the traditional Andean towns. And with nearby wineries, white water rafting, and horse riding available, why not stay a few more days?!

Local dishes are delicious on a whole new level, and if still wondering if is Argentina cheap to visit, wait to see the restaurant bill: the best price ever for the best food ever!


2. El Calafate and El Chalten – Discovering Glaciers and Hiking Fitz Roy (6 days)

El Calafate and El Chalten are home to the famous Perito Moreno Glacier and Fitz Roy Mountains, and they embody the true spirit of adventure in Patagonia. On this 6-day adventure, you will tour Perito Moreno Glacier (the most famous in Patagonia) before continuing to the lovely mountain town of El Chalten. The heart of Patagonia and a hiker’s paradise, Chalten is home to the Fitz Roy Mountains and Cerro Torre, and you will have plenty of time to hike the mountain trails or horseback ride with Argentine gauchos before sampling a delicious Patagonian “asado” (barbeque) and locally brewed beers.


3. Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls (6 days)

Enjoy the perfect combination of South American culture, tango, and jungles on this 6-day tour of Argentina. Discover sophisticated Buenos Aires’ eclectic neighborhoods before touring Iguazu Falls National Park. Shared by Argentina and Brazil, this UNESCO World Heritage site is a “must-see” during your stay in Argentina. Would your trip to Argentina be successful without seeing the majestic Iguazu Falls?! 


4. Atacama Desert (Chile) and Uyuni (Bolivia) 6 days

Starting at San Pedro de Atacama, a laid-back oasis town on the edge of the driest desert on the earth, and continuing with the immense sea of salt, in the South of Bolivia, this tour will stay with you for all the years to come!

Uyuni-salt-flat - Bolivia

5. Bariloche and the Lake District (4 days)

Beautiful Bariloche is located in the heart of Argentina’s Lake District and is the ideal base for exploring the nearby lakes, hiking trails, and rich culture of Patagonia. Take in the stunning mountain views as you tour Bariloche’s “Circuito Chico”, walk through the Llao Llao Forest, and then cruise Lake Nahuel Huapi and visit the traditional island communities before rewarding your efforts with some of the region’s locally brewed beer or handcrafted chocolate.


So, is Argentina cheap to visit? The answer is an absolute yes! Trips abroad don’t have to be crazy expensive–at least with Say Hueque, they’re not! Stop dreaming about trips to Argentina and start planning our next adventure!

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