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Posted on 02/05/2016 Welcome to South America

5 Abnormal Things You’ll See in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a funny city. It’s true. Sometimes you can’t help but scratch your head by what you see, such as people going around trying to sell you socks in the park. Like, out of all things to sell, why socks?! Some things will make your lips turn upward in a smile, like when a man lugs a majestic harp bigger than himself onto the subway to perform. The chaotic beauty of Buenos Aires is a delicate balance.

Here are some things you’ll see in Buenos Aires that you probably won’t see in many other cities.

Jacaranda Trees
These look like normal trees all year long until spring arrives. During Argentine spring (September-November), these trees are full of bright purple blossoms, and they add the most lovely pop of color to the city. They even make the sidewalks a piece of art when scattered on the ground.

People carrying thermoses everywhere

The mate tea is a sacred part of everybody’s daily life in Argentina. To drink some usually requires a thermos to hold the hot water for the constant refilling of the tea. You’ll see people with thermoses filling up their mates everywhere—on the subway (really!), in offices, at parks and on the beach. The weirdest part: on the hottest day of the year, people will still be drinking their scalding hot mate!

A silverware charge on the bill
Yes, unfortunately the restaurants do charge you for cubiertos, or silverware. Maybe it’s only about two dollars, but it’ll make you roll your eyes nonetheless. Take a look at the check and notice charges for one coffee, a salad and…silverware. Another heads-up: no free soda or water refills (heck, not even free water)!

Kisses given in abundance!
Forget about waving hello, shaking hands or even hugging. People of all ages and genders greet one another with a kiss on the cheek whether you’re coworkers, best friends or have just met. Get rid of your barrier of personal space and kiss away!

Plastic bottles on top of cars
Hey, it makes car shopping easier. If someone has put a plastic bottle on top of their car, it means it’s for sale. They have their phone number written on it and simply wait for prospective buyers to give them a call. I mean, who has time to write an ad these days?!

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Written by Abby LeCleir

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