Peru experiences you should include on your family trip itinerary

South America Travel Posted on 01/24/2018

Traveling is a foreign concept, literally, to most kids. This can put an interesting spin on family vacations. Extra thinking is needed to find the perfect mix of activities to amuse, entertain and teach kids about the wonders of another culture. For the more active kids, you could find yourself exploring Incan ruins on horseback or for the more curious, learning the ins and outs of Peru’s famous textile industry. Check out this list of activities you can’t miss on your family trip itinerary to Peru.

Peru - Sacred Valley

1. Learning to Weave

Kids are driven by curiosity to learn, discover and understand things that are different, so take them to Peru’s weaving cooperatives and let them see how the weaving textiles really work. The colors, the threads and the machines will leave the kids wide eyed and fascinated. In addition, they’ll end up learning all about textile creation with the help of Peru’s own traditional and famous textile industry. And don’t worry about your kids getting bored. These tours are organized especially for tourists, where the artisans make sure to show-off the juicy bits, with a very entertaining, but also authentic exposition of their work.

To end the activity on a good note, your kids might even get something to take as a token back home. And there’s nothing kids love more than surprise gifts.

2. Exploring an ancient civilization on horseback

Kids can get tired from walking around touring, especially when the sites are massive. Peru is no exception, especially with the interesting and unique design left behind by an ancient civilization from nearly 500 years ago. To save yourself from the kids’ complaints of tired feet, you can explore the Sacred Valley by horse. The region is known for its horseback riding-friendly landscape, and the Peruvian Paso horse, too, has quite a reputation for its fluid and unusual gait. A short ride for kids under the age of 2 years is also offered, so nobody in the family needs to be left out with this animal fun.

3. Walking in a new land

Cusco’s streets are more interesting than some of the best and most luxurious sights in the world. You and your kids alike will not be able to believe your eyes as you walk down the narrow streets, lined by stone walls in Cusco. Your mouth will drop in awe as you meander through this historic town.  It’s like a treasure hunt as you and your kids stumble upon one Inca ruin after another. And each one of them will pique the kids’ inquisitive nature as they discover slanted roofs, wooden doors, and walls, all built without a grain of mortar or cement.

4. Shopping for handicrafts

Shopping can be a cultural tour in and of itself too. Each market provides a sample of cultural offerings that the town claims as cultural roots.  The souvenir stalls in Cusco will make every adult and kid gaze in wonder. The most unique and rare knick-knacks can be bought from here and if you wish to end your tour with happy kids instead of those throwing a tantrum, we suggest you pay a visit to these shops and be awed by the endless rainbow of color. Beside, after such an enjoyable visit to Peru and its cities, you’ll definitely wish to take some memories home.

This list includes only our four favorites, but Peru offers a whole host of family-friendly attractions. For us, kayaking and paddling deserves an honorable mention on your family trip itinerary to Peru.  The glassy waters of Lake Huaypo, with snowcapped mountains on all sides will definitely instigate the adventurous spirit of kids of all ages. So, have you and your little ones packed your bags yet?

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