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Posted on 01/02/2019 Foodies' Guide

4 Fool-Proof Ways to Grill Like An Argentinian

Have you tried Argentina food? Want to Grill Like An Argentinian?

You see, having a flare on the grill is one way to master barbecuing. Loosing up your culture and ride on with something new.

From a country rich in flavors, tastes, eating like kings and playing with food colors, you want to explore the Argentinian style right at home.

Don’t stress over varying menus anymore or waste time cooking different dishes. Make it an Argentina affair, marinate everything in one and cook them all on the grill.

Like our style? Gracias!

1. Use the healthiest, finest cut of meat that you can find.

Argentinians are familiar with eating healthy, fresh foods. There is close to zero possibility of finding frozen meats on their grills.

The country is rich with livestock reared with the most natural foods, so you will find their meats to be healthier.

In summary, go for organic, grass-fed meats when purchasing. And it applies to all types; beef, pork, poultry, and even seafood. Not forgetting that their vegetables are mostly non-GMO too.

2. When they load the grates, they go hard.

Here is where the difference from American grilling lies. Argentinians cook many different things at once on one grill.

So, you have strings of sausages, sweet corn cobs, bell peppers, potatoes, and what have you, it goes all on the grate at once.

Most grills grates are wide and designed to allow as much indirect heat cook the food than flaming fire. You will love the outcome!

These different foods drip fat on the fire and combine to create sweet-smelling smoke, which flavors the foods. And did we mention, they use wood for grilling. Now, that’s some real deal!

Nonetheless, you still can use other types of grills like these best electric smokers under 200. It shouldn’t change much.

You may not be cooking for big numbers, but you sure can make food for a few days, so, get as much food on the grill as you can and pass for an asado.

3. Be light on spice; simple marination works better

The flavoring trick is of slow, low-temperature cooking than heavy spicing. You want to have the juices of the meat do the magic.

Stick to basic blends; salt, black pepper, and herbs for most meats. Argentinians cook with a roast-like mindset to allow the smoke exuded from the fire infuse the food in right balance.

This is why a professional usually takes charge of it to get the tastes and aromas excellently.

4. As well, let the condiments be minimal.

The goal is to appreciate the meat or actual food grilled so no need for shadowing the meats with sauces and condiments.

After such generous cuts of meat have gone through cooking, serve them with little topping. You can eat the meats as they are from the fire; they are that tasty and juicy.

Use a basic like chimichurri which is mild on aroma and freshly done for most servings.

As you will have it, get the fun started and start grilling already!

Written by Jack Thompson. Founder of BroBBQ.Com

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