The most romantic getaways in Argentina

Argentina Travel Posted on 02/26/2019

Looking for some Patagonia information to find the perfect romantic getaway for you and your better-half?

Romance is one of the best humans traditions. Nothing compares to a cuddle beneath a starlit sky, a homemade breakfast in bed or a shared glass of wine in a fine restaurant or among vineyards with their mountainous backdrop.

When was the last time you had any of those romantic experiences? If there’s no quick answer and you’re still going through memories, it’s time to move on! To create a better and loving future with your better-half.

We get all going on for you. Here you have the most 3 romantic getaways you can make in your next journey to Argentina. Passionate latin american blood runs through our veins— Nobody but us know how to celebrate love in the world!


Torres del Paine is one of the natural wonders of the world, and the dream location in Patagonia for hiking lovers. Most of travelers conclude, after a one day visit to the park or a 5 day trip to do the famous W circuit (which takes you through the most incredible views and refugees), that they haven’t seen nothing like this before. In this amazing natural backdrop, sits Patagonia Camp, an eco-friendly accomodation to go glamping in Torres del Paine. What’s “glamping”? Well, it’s a “glamorous” way to camp in nature which became really trendy in the past few years. Patagonia Camp offers its Yurts, a Mongolian type tent where you can cuddle with your beloved one watching the starlit Patagonian sky through its circular dome! The fabulous plot twist: they have added all the comfort you can find in a regular luxury hotel (outdoor jacuzzi, central heating, ensuite bathrooms). The most romantic wakeups, surrounded by the cawing of birds and the lullaby of water, you will definitely have it here!


Bariloche is THE place for top-drawer chocolate tasting and romantic navigations in pristine lakes. Bariloche is both the Argentine capital of heavenly tasting and always aphrodisiac chocolate and the Argentine lake district. But also where sits Llao-Llao Hotel, a time-honored place that has enchanted many generations of lovers since 1938. This 5 star hotel has hosted the aristocracy and other famous people around the world, and now it’s ready to welcome your love story. It sits in a little hill, between Nahuel Huapi Lake (the most famous of Bariloche) and has 15 hectares of pristine Patagonian forest to take the most romantic walks. It’s wooden type construction make for a cozy ambience, and it’s solarium, beach, swimming pool and spa, for the most relaxing time. A perfect plan especially during winter time (but also all year round!), is to enjoy the famous Llao Llao Tea in one of the 4 restaurants with amazing views to the hotel’s private gardens and to Lake Nahuel Huapi— “-More sugar honey?, -Yes, please!”


Some of the best dates start with a tantalizing red glass of wine. At Cavas Wine Lodge, you will be able to bring back the best memories of your love story from the very beginning! At the Cavas Wine Lodge you’ll wake up with the Andes Mountain, the backbone of South America, waving it’s snowy hand through the window of your honeymoon suite. This is the perfect place to spend some quality time together and experience Mendoza, the Argentine wine country in a different way. Apart from enjoying the haunting backdrop where this finca (ranch) type luxury hotel sits, feel free to make a wine tasting of the most exclusive blends, to take a cooking class and learn which wines pair perfectly with our traditional dishes, or to walk through vineyards to engage some serious grape picking —A very learning and transformative experience! At night, get comfy at the outdoor hot tub while the sun go to bed, covered in its starlit blanket. Mendoza has one of the clearest skies in the country! Let yourself go…It’s time to love..

Check our Romantic Getaways and live an unfogettable experience with your better half!


Written by Agustina Del Vigo

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